Thursday, December 26, 2013

Some Cousin Holiday Photos

We met in the arts district one day to take some photos of the Dallas cousins in their holiday outfits. Here are my favorites:

Let me stop to say, yes, my photos are loading differently this week. Flickr has changed their sharing options, and I've gone on record with them to say I hate's not blog friendly, and I hope they allow us to go back to the "old" way. I could manually do this for each photo, but it would take a LOT longer for me to do this, and with the volume of photos I post, this is not ideal. If Flickr doesn't fix it, I'll move my photos to another site...but I'm going to give them a bit to see if they will fix this issue.  OK, onward...

There we go. Love it.

I really like these "artsy" shots...but not as cute of their little faces.

Then we tried this slightly different version.
Just too deep to get them all in focus.
At least by this amateur. Still cute, though!

Slightly different angle - but I forgot to straighten the horizon. Details.

They were getting a little tired of these photos by here.

Tried a "Christmas Tree" look here.
By the time I got to this photo, I was tired of photos too.
Or, I would have fixed the background.
Again, details.

See you soon.

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