Friday, December 27, 2013

Preschool Holiday Program

LM participated in a multicultural holiday program at his school. It was supposed to happen in an auditorium, but because of the weather, it ended up happening in this smallish room onsite. It was very hard to see, and the parents were all vying to see their precious little one. Here are some horrible photos. We actually have a video of the whole thing, but it's so large, we can't upload it. So, I need to parse it down into digestible chunks. Perhaps if I ever get that done, I'll share it with you:

Look carefully - you can see him walking in.
His good buddy Max is in front of him.
And his wonderful teacher Ms. Shaye is behind him.

And this was all I could sort of see once they were in place. 
With my camera in the air.

This was the side of the room...

Max's parents were just in front of us, trying to get a photo.

When all the rows of people moved the right way at once, we could see him.

This is how we got a video - S stood in the back.

The program covered all the holidays in this part of the calendar - Hanukkah, Christmas - both religious, Hispanic, secular and otherwise - and Kwanzaa. The kids had little things to say for each holiday, as well as a song to sing. They practiced the songs every day for several weeks, and LM really knew the words to these songs. He liked to sing them all the time, especially when we were driving in the car. And still, actually.

Another one of his teacher, Ms. Shaye, singing along.

LM was seated away from the rest of his class, in the front row, because he had volunteered for a speaking part. I guess none of the other kids wanted to talk into the microphone...and apparently my child has no qualms about that. Ha. He spoke about Kwanzaa, saying, "We celebrate the holiday by lighting candles every night." He did it just perfectly. I was so proud! And, still, when speaking into the little play microphone on our little play keyboard, he says this line. Because, of course, this is what you say into a microphone!

OK, so his buddy Harrison spoke about Kwanzaa too - right before LM.

Then LM got up there and belted out his line like a champ.

With such concentration. I was proud of him.
Maybe I already covered that part. Ahem.

It was fun to watch our boy participate in his first "program" of this kind. He is growing so fast, and I am trying to enjoy every fleeting minute.

See you soon!

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