Monday, December 30, 2013

Symphony Christmas Program

We once again took the boy to the symphony's annual family Christmas concert. This year, though, he was really ready for it. He enjoyed it, watched the whole thing (about an hour) and afterwards talked about it positively. Imagine! Here are a few photos we snapped with our camera phones:

First, we enjoyed some lobby activities before the concert.

Is that camera on?
Then, we made it to our seats.

Family selfie. Hee hee.

Transfixed on the music.

Watching the princess.

When the soloist, Ava Pine, came out the first time, LM leaned over to me and said, "I didn't know there was going to be a princess at this concert!" Then, as she was wearing a beautiful strapless gown, he asked me, "Where is her shirt?" Ha. 

He also wanted to know why the organist was "playing backwards" - the organ is on the back wall of the concert hall, so she was facing the keyboards - and how she got up to her seat, which appears to be just randomly in the middle of the back wall...I explained there were stairs and a door you could not see from where we were that allowed her access to the console. 

Then, during the sing along, he "played" the trumpet.

LM was engaged in the performance, but any time the children's choir came on stage, he was completely motionless and enthralled. Little people like watching other little people, don't they? He also really liked it when the brass section stood up and played one feature piece. The brass instruments are definitely his favorite. 

And, at the end, it snowed!

Then, afterward, we had pizza at the 
"spicy pizza place with the pig" 
as LM calls it.

And he took a great nap.
So sweet.

See you soon!

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