Monday, December 9, 2013

The Preschool Photo

So, one might ask - since I take so many photos of my son myself, posed and otherwise, why I would pay to purchase a preschool photo. Well, for posterity, really. I decided one day LM might ask, "I want to see my preschool photo!" And, if I didn't purchase it, I would have nothing to show him. 

As it turns out, while the background is as cheesy as can be, the photo is cute. Sweet smile, nice exposure, etc. And, here it is:

luke's 3 yr old fall preschool photo

Now, if only they had arrived before Thanksgiving, I could have handed them out to relatives in Indiana, when the pumpkin was still "in season." Oh well, they'll get them anyway, in the Christmas card, because sister, I bought this dang photo, I'm a gonna share it. Amen.

See you soon.

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