Friday, January 17, 2014

A Baby Bump Update

So, I thought I'd share some thoughts on how this pregnancy is going. First, I'm rounding out my 32nd week, and I will deliver, if not before, at 38 weeks and 1 day. So, we're in the home stretch here, folks. The baby seems happy and healthy - because I am old for a pregnant lady, he and I get lots of check-ups. Starting this week, we have two a week. And, at both of them, they put us on the baby monitor for 15-30 minutes. Fun times. It's a bit annoying, but also reassuring that everything is OK.

Looking down at the belly at 26 weeks.

I have to say, even though I felt like total yuckiness the first half of this pregnancy, I think this part is the part I hate the most - just getting to the end. I'm huge, and I just want to have a healthy baby - and it seems touch and go sometimes with all this checking! I also read a horrible article the other day - unintended - I thought it was about something else - where a woman lost her baby at 31 weeks, with no real reason given. So, I'm focusing on the positive and all the re-checks, and doing everything my doctors ask.

LM on the belly, 29 weeks.

What do they ask, you say? Well, I've been eating a diabetic diet since week 8. I really, really just don't ever eat sugar. I do eat carbs, but only with protein among them. And, the blood sugar has been really, really good. Then, with LM, at about 34 weeks, I got gestational hypertension - high blood pressure. At my 30 week check-up it seemed I was already headed into that territory. I watched it at home, and it seemed I was getting spikes only once a day. I decided to go to half-caf coffee for my one morning cup, but that wasn't enough. I was still spiking, and that was making me feel yucky again. And, I did NOT want to go on bedrest this early. So, on Tuesday, I went full decaf on the coffee. Amazingly, knock on wood, since I did that, my blood pressure has been totally under control. Not just a little lower, but seriously normal and LOW. Amen to that - I really hope it stays that way for another couple of weeks. It is really amazing to me that one cup of coffee can do that to your body...really interesting.

Just prior to giving birth to LM

My body carries this baby almost just as I carried LM. I don't look the least bit pregnant from the back, everyone comments. And, this was similar to LM. I am, however, larger than I was with LM. There is a photo of me taken the morning before I gave birth, and I'm pretty sure I was that size already at 28 weeks. I feel huge, I walk with a waddle and I get out of breath easily. I'm a hoss, friends, and I have six weeks to go! Lord help me! We'll make it. ;-)

Partial belly view - 30 weeks

Foot, upside down, at top, hand over forehead to right.

At the check-ups, when we get a glimpse of the baby's profile, he looks a lot like LM. He is getting cramped in there, and usually has hands and legs up in front of his face, so we don't see much, but it'll be interesting to see what this boy looks like when he emerges. He is healthy all the way around - it's amazing all the things that they check - heart, brain, lungs, placenta, umbilical cord, stomach, kidneys, bladder - really amazing. He measures a bit above average for size, but not too large - he's about 75% on the charts, and weighing in at 4 lbs 13 oz at 32 weeks. He gained 13 oz from two weeks ago. Typically, from here on out, they will gain about 8 oz a week, so he should be well into the 7 lb range by birth.

Sort of a head-on view of face, chin on right.

Side view of belly - 29 weeks

Partial belly view, with necklace from Mom
31 weeks

I am staying busy right now - teaching my class at SMU, which has been put on an accelerated schedule to finish it before the babe arrives (or hopefully before I get put on bed rest), so it's using a lot of my time. And, of course, I have a million things to do at work before I'm out for 12 weeks. So, I will be busy throughout the next six weeks preparing to be with the baby when he gets here. S has been working at the house to help us get moved around - we are packing up things at the house, moving rooms around, and hopefully this weekend, taking all that stuff to the storage unit and bringing all the baby stuff back home to be put in it's place for baby boy's arrival. It's a three day weekend, so we're hoping to get the Big Switch finished during this time.

At the Baby Sprinkle

We really need nothing for this baby, so when a couple sweet friends asked me about giving a shower, I told them I didn't really think it was necessary. We have all of LM's things and we're all set. But, my co-workers threw me a little lunch "baby sprinkle" anyway, and gave us a huge gift card for buying diapers! They also gave LM a "big brother" gift. Very, very sweet and thoughtful. The diapers - those will come in handy! We are blessed people.

Very unflattering angle (in a swimsuit, no less) at 31 weeks

Oh my, look at that belly - 32 weeks

It's funny - with the first pregnancy - everything was new and the anticipation was palpable. With this one, I sort of know what's coming. And, while I'm so excited to meet this little one and feel entirely blessed that we will be parents to two sweet boys, it IS different this time. First, we have LM - he keeps us hopping on a daily basis, so there is just less time to sit around and think and anticipate. And, there's the whole "already know what's coming" thing I already mentioned. But, now that he's almost here, the anticipation is indeed building - there are plenty of things we don't know - when exactly he'll come - if I'll make it to that magical date the doctors set or not - how my health will hold out - what he will look like, what his little personality will be like - what breastfeeding will be like a second time around, how we will juggle being the parents of two children instead of just one - what on earth this boy's name will be, as we still haven't decided - and so on and so on. It is a new little wonderful life, literally, and a new life as a family of four. It's exciting and scary and overwhelming all at once. As it should be, I suppose. How blessed we are to experience this together.

See you soon.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! You look fabulous!

    And just to be REALLY have no idea what's coming. Two boys = total craziness and love that is overflowing. And often sounds like they're killing one another. My boys are best friends and worst enemies. I pray for the same for your boys too! :)


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