Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas is just more fun with a 3 year old. I think, when I am old and gray (ok, older and grayer...) I will cherish the memories of these Christmases in these years the very most. Here are some photos from our time together:

First of all, LM and I made a few cookies for Santa just before he went to bed.

This was the scene on Christmas morning before the boy headed into the room.
The puzzles that are unwrapped are what he received from Santa.

We opened stockings first.

In the stocking was some candy, a new tooth brush, some silly putty, and some chocolate ducks - when we traveled to Europe in the spring the last two years, both times just before Easter, we brought LM chocolate ducks, as they were the prevalent find around town during that time of year. Since then, whenever either of us has taken a business trip, LM has asked us to bring him a chocolate duck. Of course, in November, for example, it's a bit harder to find this. But, through the magic of the Internet and with the help of Santa, we were able to have chocolate ducks in the stocking, which he really loved.

Loving on his chocolate ducks.

Then he helped me with my stocking.

And then helped Daddy with his - his was mostly candy.

Then LM opened presents.

LM had presents to open from his Indiana grandparents as well, so we went right into those.

Then S and I opened our presents.

Then, after we finished Christmas, S opened his birthday gifts.

LM really liked the music in the card to S from Nana.

After opening presents, we prepared breakfast, and Nonna and Papa as well as S's Uncle John and Aunt Lee came to breakfast. It was nice to have them over and visit. After breakfast, we visited a while and played with toys. Then, it was nap time. Currently my favorite part of the day. Hee hee.

Then, on Christmas night, we went to Nonna and Papa's house.
This was where Aunt Kim gave out the rules to opening presents to the troops.

One rule was we wanted them to open presents one at a time so we could see what they received.

They did pretty good with this.

And, sometimes, the packaging was still very enticing.

Then we opened stockings!

Nonna found them all "I Love Nonna" shirts.

And Kim received a special gift, complete with a trap door.

Before we opened presents, we ate a delicious dinner, and after presents, ate some delicious dessert, as well as visited with everyone. Besides the fact that it's so freaking loud with all those kids in the room, it was  a nice time together.

We missed our Indiana family this Christmas holiday for certain. It didn't seem right not to see them at all. But, the big belly kept us here, and we enjoyed time with the Dallas clan. A memorable and lovely Christmas through and through!

See you soon.

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