Friday, January 3, 2014

Chinese Lantern Festival


Earlier in the month, we took advantage of the Chinese Lantern Festival being in town for another year, and decided to go check it out. I really meant to go see it last year, but somehow didn't make it. We picked a night that was fairly warm for this time of year, but the wind was blowing, and it was still sort of chilly to be out there. Nonetheless, the lanterns are beautiful, and we had a nice time checking it out. 

Those are pieces of porcelain making up the structure of that piece.

A detail shot.

Daddy and LM - having fun.

There was an acrobat show, too.

This young man was pretty amazing.

These girls were, shall we say - flexible.

OK, back to the lights

We paid the extra buck to walk out onto the boat.

Of course, one of LM's favorites didn't light up -
a prehistoric elephant sculpture.

Beautiful exhibit, for certain.

See you soon.

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  1. Beautiful indeed! You are lucky to have access to so many varied cultures! Nana


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