Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Radio Silence

It's Wednesday and I haven't blogged yet this week. Given I've been fairly regular with the posts of late, I'm sure you're wondering what's up. Nothing, really. And lots. Basically, we are busy, but not doing a lot of cutesy photo-worthy things. When I am not working or teaching class, we are getting ready for baby, mostly, which takes a lot of time and energy. And, I sent my camera in for a routine maintenance call, so I was actually without my "good" camera for almost two weeks. But, here are some photos of what we did last weekend.

After weeks of cleaning out and boxing up at our house, we went to the storage unit to bring home all the baby stuff I saved for the last three years. Incidentally, I had decided in June I was going to just go ahead and divest of this stuff once the weather cooled off. Then, well, life had a different plan. We also sorted through baby clothes that came back to Texas this summer from Indiana after Gibson got some use out of them. You can see some of those piles (pre-washing) behind LM in that first photo, on the floor in the background.

Baby stuff, Clampitt style

To emphasize the point I made in the baby bump update, look at those two photos. Yes, friends, we have everything. Just add a baby and some diapers, and we're good to go. Seriously. We had FIVE showers for LM - we have this covered.

Last weekend, we also moved the books and toys to the front room, which we are making into a playroom - it is also the staging area for moving all these boxes, so it doesn't look like much - yet, but I'm excited about the possibility of it all having a new place. 

Lest you think we have extra room - we filled that unit right back up. Ahem.

And, after we removed all the baby stuff, we had room to move everything back into the storage unit that we had collected over the last weeks at the house. And, when I use the word "we" I mean S did it. I cannot lift all that stuff...I can hold the door open, help him remember everything, box up stuff, but that's it. So, he was the single person who moved it all.

And, we are working on LM's room to make it user friendly for both he and the baby. This meant taking down some floating shelves on one wall, which left some huge holes. This week, S is patching all of that for sanding and painting, and ultimately getting a crib and a bed up in here. 

So that's what we're doing. I do have some phone photos to organize into another "random" post sometime soon, but other than that, posting may slow down for a bit. 

See you soon.

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  1. Now I have more understanding of those pictures you posted on facebook. Sam is a trooper and your supervision helps as well. I imagine LM contributed as well.


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