Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Austin for S's Birthday

S turned 40 on Christmas day. I wanted to do something special to commemorate this monumental birthday, so after speaking with Cheryl about her willingness to keep our child for a weekend, I made a plan to surprise him by whisking him away for a weekend of just the two of us. I decided we should go to Austin - we had to go someplace within three hours of Dallas, and we couldn't fly. So, Austin seemed like the best choice. And, since I used to live there and we don't get there very often, it seemed like it would be fun to revisit our old haunts and just hang out, just the two of us. Also, I wanted S to have a day at the spa to relax. He was indeed surprised, and has told me several times what a great present it was. We ate at all our favorite restaurants, S did go to the spa, we talked baby names, drove around and saw the parts of town we used to hang out in, stopped by a book store, and generally just had a nice quiet weekend. It was really, really great. Here are some photos we snapped at the capitol on our way out of town on Sunday:

I loved these leaves, as you will see.

slightly stylized...

the six flags of Texas

S having fun at the canons.

Special thanks cannot be said enough to my in-laws for watching LM for two nights. It was really very nice to have that time together - to celebrate S's birthday, but also just before we have two little munchkins under our care. It was very, very cool to have that time.

See you soon.

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