Tuesday, October 25, 2011

College Friends

My college roommate (for three years of college, anyway) and her husband Thomas (also a friend from school) and kids came to town a while back to go to an SMU game and visit. They also went to the fair with some of our friends on Sunday. But, they took the train - smart. We drove. All parking lots were closed - full. We couldn't get in. So, we missed visiting with them at the fair. Here are some photos from the game:

Cathy meeting LM

LM getting reacquainted with Tricia. 
Oh, and JG in the background, of course!

Pretty decent photo of me and the boy.

College friends. Good friends.
I am thankful for their friendship.

Me and Cathy, taken by Tricia.

Tricia, Cathy, Me

S and LM checking out the Boulevard

This is LM with our friend Steve.

LM walked straight across the tent and right up to Steve, and started climbing in his lap. I'm not sure - LM may have met Steve last year while he was asleep and about ten weeks old. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure this was the first meeting. But, somehow, LM knew Steve was someone who would pick him up and keep him safe!

Maybe because Steve is this one's Daddy. 
Yep, safe.

Chillin' with Miss Marion, Cathy's oldest.

Another one of Steve and his sweet one.

Watching the parade!

You see this drum? I once marched with this drum.
I know, I was crazy. Momentary insanity.

Thomas and Lily

Cathy and Thomas. Great photo!

It was good to see them and everyone else. It just wasn't enough time to really catch up. I hope we can catch up with everyone else at Homecoming in a couple of weeks. 

See you soon.

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  1. Nice photos, friends are special. Today while I was picking up Morgan at Southport Hs, there was a teenage girl which reminded me of Tricia when you were in college. I pointed her out to Torchy and she also saw the resemblence. I think it was the hair.


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