Monday, October 24, 2011

Fifteen Months Old

Twelve Months
12 Months on Nana's Quilt

Our Little Man turned fifteen months old yesterday. He has grown and changed at lightning speed. Let's see - since he turned twelve months, he has started to walk in earnest and then run. He has begun trying to eat with utensils and really doesn't want you to try to feed him at all. Along those same lines, he wants to do pretty much everything BY HIMSELF.


Also, he has, just in the last couple of weeks, started trying to copy what we are saying, and now says several new words with regularity. He has copied lots of things - animal names, toy names, articles of clothing, etc. some with a high degree of accuracy and some without any real accuracy at all except that he must think he's saying it. But some of these things haven't really made it into his vocabulary yet. For example, one night when he was in the bathtub I started naming the animal names of his toys. Whale - he said it right off the bat, but then not again. Turtle - he said that one over and over, but now if you ask him to say it, he won't. Duck - he said that over and over again and he'll say it any time you ask him. Other words he "owns" are "whoa!", "all done", "baby" and "more." He also says "Nana" and sometimes even "Papaw." He of course still says "hi", "bye", "mama", "dada" and "ball". Ball might be new since twelve months. There are probably other words he's saying with regularity - to him - but that we don't yet understand. For example, I'm starting to believe he's calling his pacifier - still a thing that is VERY important to him - "nee nee". He knows I call it a "paci" but he has called for it with the other name a few times.



LM is interested in crawling up and on and into just about everything. He wants to touch anything he can get his hands on, and preferably, then bang that item onto something else to see what sort of sound it makes. He likes to also climb up and onto something and then STAND UP. Additionally, he thinks he's big enough to go down stairs like an adult. He is not. This is something we have to watch carefully when going in and out of the house or visiting Nonna and Papaw's house here in town.



He has fairly successfully, finally, made the transition to the toddler room at his school. He is still very tired at the end of the day, and will still often take two naps at home on the weekend, but he loves going to school, never cries when we leave him, and seems to like his teachers. Just Friday he went and gave his teacher a hug before we left.


Wearing a hat - something new, too.

Our boy is still a very affectionate child, hugging and kissing and loving on everyone. He smiles a lot, has an independent streak the size of Texas, and a stubborn streak to match. He is still not very good at following directions, but is getting better at this. We are learning that when Mommy or Daddy or someone in charge says something, we are to listen. This is sometimes a difficult lesson for an independent, stubborn toddler, but I think he's getting the hang of it. That said, he is not mean or trying to hurt or impede when he doesn't listen. He is a good boy - he's just a toddler.


Making noise. SO much fun.

Some of his favorite toys right now are a stack of paper cups and anything that GOES. He likes to ride on his "ride on" toys as well as make "ride on" toys out of anything that moves. He also likes little "people" figurines of monsters, characters or people. And, he still really enjoys stacking blocks on pegs. I bought him this one game that I figured he wouldn't get until he was older, but he already plays with it and loves it. (It's all about putting pegs in holes and rings on pegs.) He also loves playing with his little toddler piano.


Enjoying family.

I intended to get a photo of him on the quilt yesterday, but I forgot with everything going on. I will get one this week though, to continue that tradition. We love him very much, of course. I still with regularity cannot believe he is our son and we are lucky enough to have him here. He is the joy of our lives, and we love our fifteen month old boy.

Our sweet Little Man.

See you soon.

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