Friday, September 30, 2011

Thirty Days Has September

April, June and November. Can you believe it's almost October? Gee, does time fly or what? It's September 30th, it's the last day of the month, it's a Friday. What more could you want? Before we delve head first into another weekend, which sister I'm ready to do, I have just a couple more photos to share with you from the last week or so. Here we go:

First, love love.
My boys, resting up after the bike ride.

LM, checking out the remote. 
One of his favorite things to do.

Then there are these photos.

Last weekend, one night after we stopped in a restaurant to eat dinner, on the way back to the car LM was a little fussy. So, we picked him up between us and swung him back and forth. He loved this, of course. And, when we got to the truck, we picked him up and deposited him in the bed of the truck. That he loved even more. When we got home, he wanted to check that truck bed out some more. We took a couple of photos of his exploration.

He was so proud.


He checked out every nook and cranny.
And every hook, nut, and bolt.

Of course, the crocs were there!



Love, love love.

Good thing for that diaper flap, or we'd have plumber butt, people. 
I'm just sayin.

It should also be noted, that before LM was finished, every single piece of acorn had been eliminated from the truck bed. Every. Single. Piece.

And, of course, there was sitting to do.
Do you remember sitting in a truck bed when the wheel well was just the right size?
I do.

Boy, did the boy have fun.

I seriously get what parents say about buying toys now...I mean really, we have a house FULL of toys, but I'm pretty sure the highlight of the weekend for him was to tromp around inside the truck bed for fifteen minutes. Forget the toys. More truck beds, please!

More truck beds of fun.

We have a very full weekend planned. By Monday, we'll be wishing for a weekend from the weekend! We are going to an event called "Touch a Truck" where the boy will get to explore all sorts of vehicles. Then, we're going to a family reunion on S's side. And, I very much hope to get a bike ride in each day. Sunday, we plan to celebrate LM's Papaw's birthday. And do laundry and grocery shopping and other such errands so we can sustain this hamster wheel of a life we're living just a little bit longer. 

Here's a diet update. Week one, I lost eight pounds. EIGHT POUNDS!!! Amazing. Week two - I lost nada. Not one pound. Nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Zero. And, I ate the same both weeks. Sigh. I'm sticking with it though. I've had an OK start to the third week (weigh day is on Wednesdays) so we shall see. I must get some more regular exercise into the mix. Not sure when that will happen, but I'm gonna figure it out. One day! 

I hope whatever you have planned for the weekend that it's all you wish it to be. 

See you soon.

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