Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Saturday morning I finally tackled my shoe problem. That is, I finally took the time to go through my shoes to cull out the ones that no longer fit. My foot grew a half size while I was pregnant, and I was hoping somehow it would go back to "normal". It turns out this isn't bound to happen. Ahem. And, I was having a hard time finding the shoes that did fit. So, I took the time to clean them all out.


It was during this process I decided I am a shoe hog. This is not anything I would have ever said about myself. I don't have a excess of shoes, I would say. I'm not always purchasing them for each outfit, etc. But, if you look at this pile going to Goodwill, you would probably agree...I've amassed quite a few shoes. I decided to count them - 33 - THIRTY-THREE - pairs of shoes. I know I didn't amass them overnight. It was over the last probably ten or so years for some of the shoes I wore less often. But seriously, that seems like a lot of shoes.

Empty shoe boxes, crying to be filled.
hee hee.

It just supports the feeling I have that we live with a lot of excess in our lives. And every time I try to simplify, clean out - purge - I turn around and fill the space back up with more junk. Why on earth do I do this? Who needs that many shoes? Shirts? Kitchen goods? Toys? No one. But that hasn't stopped me. One thing I've done is to purchase books on simplifying my life. I even read those books. But, purchasing those books just adds to my book excess. Seriously. Oy.


Maybe I can get a handle on it. Perhaps the shoe purge will put me on the straight and narrow. But don't bet on it. I still have 20 - TWENTY - pairs that fit. Geez.

See you soon.

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  1. I think I recognized at least one pair from Apple Valley Road.

    love you,



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