Saturday, September 3, 2011

An Island Beach Party


LM's school had a little sensory activity the other day and the parents were invited. We weren't exactly sure what to expect, but it was fun. Little Man's teacher had been reading books to the kids about cruising and swimming at the beach and going to the Caribbean. They had been listening to island music and talking about these things for a week or two. This was the culminating activity. Ms. Jackie had on a grass skirt and had the island music playing. She then had buckets and shovels, sunglasses and fun hats and headbands for the kids to try on. Then, she had a "beach" where there were containers of water for them to splash in and make a mess.

I only took my camera phone, so I was pretty pleased any of these photos came out at all. Here are some photos of the event:

Daddy and LM before the fun really began.

Mommy and Little Man before the par-tay.

Hanging out near the kitchen with T-Baby
The kids were supposed to wear their swim clothes!

LM's friend Collier

A few weeks ago, T-Baby transitioned to a toddler classroom. (right after this event) Ms. Jackie thought LM and Collier would transition together later this month. Collier has the same birthday as LM's cousin Katherine, but has been early on everything - teeth, crawling, using a sippy, etc. Everyone assumed he'd be an early walker too - an important milestone before transitioning - but he's been a bit like LM was before walking - he knows how, he just isn't interested. So...LM will transition starting the 12th and Mr. Collier will come along when he's ready. The sad thing is they all three will probably end up in different classrooms. LM will miss his buddies, I'm sure, but will meet nine new friends. He's a social butterfly (not like his mama who would rather stay home in a hole by herself most of the time) so I think he'll do just fine. Now, if Mama can hold it together, we'll all be OK.


Down to business.
Check out the cutie in the bikini on the left.

Getting into the activity.

You will notice the other babies all have sunglasses or headbands on.
LM will have none of that.

Collier was watching the bubbles, not really visible in this photo.
Yes, there were bubbles too. Lots of sensory activity.

Check out LM in the boppy.
Silly boy.

Here, LM sort of took over the "beach" to himself.









Ms. Jackie was right, the kids loved it. It was nice of her to include us in the activity and to get to meet some of the other parents. Ms. Jackie is a great teacher who loves her babies, that's for sure. LM is lucky to have her!

See you soon.

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