Monday, September 12, 2011

Imagine! We Had Some Cooler Weather!

On Memorial Day weekend we ended up having an impromptu dinner with S's parents and his brother Michael's family. We were out driving around and stopped by Cheryl and Sam's house to see if they wanted to go to dinner. About the time we set out to go eat, Michael and Brooke and the kids drove up. So, we all went to eat together at Cracker Barrel. The meal was good, but what was better was spending time OUTSIDE, finally, after a LONG, HOT summer. We lingered on the porch of the restaurant for longer than normal, I think because we couldn't believe it was nice enough to be there. All I had was my camera phone, so the images aren't great, but they tell the story nonetheless. Here you go:

Cousin Andrew and the Little Man

LM loved he could climb up and down into the rockers "by himself"!

It was also the last day for those seemed hard to get the boy's foot into the shoe so we decided to have them sized again, only about two months after purchasing those shoes...yep, he has already gone up a whole size! And this time, they suggested the WIDE shoes. The new shoes came on the day after these photos.

Sweet baby Katherine just wanted to WALK everywhere

She got in on the rocker action, too, though.

A view of the action - Andrew showed us how he can JUMP - and I caught him mid-air!

The kids sure did have fun playing around.

Look how long K's hair is getting!

The toddlers wanted in the same chair at the same time, of course.

This happened with his other toddler cousin, Sophia, too. We were over at Mark and Kim's Labor Day weekend too, while older cousin Alexandra was having a sleepover at her Nonna's house. The two babies wanted to just follow each other around and insist on having whatever toy the other one had. Typical for their age, I guess.

There was plenty of room to roam safely.

Checking out Nonna and Papaw in the mirror!

On my little screen, I didn't notice A had moved...oh well!

Uncle S and Andrew, "marching"

S started doing this "marching" move he does with LM and Andrew wanted a turn, so of course, Uncle S obliged.

So glad fall is here - hope the cool weather comes back soon!

See you soon.

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