Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Karaoke

LM has a new keyboard. He loved playing with his baby keyboard for so long that we decided he might like a "toddler" keyboard. We picked one up at Target, where you can go in for Q-tips and come out with a new living room and a new wardrobe. It has lots of stuff on it besides the keyboard, including a microphone. Here are a couple of videos of some fun S and LM had one night just before he went to bed.

First, a video to showcase LM's technique.

LM's technique, as you can see, involves sort of "eating" the entire microphone head and making noise into it while breathing heavily. It's not unlike the technique used by some of the artists we see come through at work. Heh heh. You will also see he doesn't let that pacifier get too far from his mouth...we don't normally allow him to have it while at play, but in this transition time at school when he's so tired, he's gotten away with it more than once. It's true.

Then, a little duet.

Not only does LM like the keyboard, which he was actually playing with more a bit before these videos, but as you can see S likes it too. S sat down and belted out a few tunes while LM moved on to stacking blocks on pegs, one of his other favorite things to do. On the second video, at the end, LM decided to join in. I'm so glad I caught it on video. S has a nice voice, no? Oh, and of course, so does the Little Man. I see a record deal in their future. Do people still get "record" deals? I suppose they do, along with "streaming" deals, "download" deals and all sorts of other deals. I see all sorts of deals in their future.

See you soon.

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