Monday, September 5, 2011

My Baby is a Toddler


My baby will transition next week to a toddler room at school. He'll leave the infant room behind because it is time. It's on my mind a lot though, so I thought I'd share what I'm thinking.


Reasons he needs to move:

- he is now a toddler, and as Ms. Jackie told me would happen, now that he can walk, the infant room is boring to him.

- he is now a toddler, and it's the normal progression of things. It's the first of many, many, many transitions he (and I) will make in his little life.

- he is now a toddler, and ready to do the things the toddlers do, and will really enjoy the activities in the new room.


Reasons I am apprehensive about the move:

- he still takes two good naps when left to his own schedule. In the toddler room, they all are on the same schedule and they take one long nap in the middle of the day. Will he transition to this without me having a whiney, tired boy every day when I pick him up?

- speaking of naps, they will sleep on little cots. I have to find a nap sack or two for him to use on the cots. They will apparently sit beside him until he gets the hang of not getting up during naptime. But, he uses a sleep sheep in the infant room and at home to help him know it's time to nap, and they won't use that in the toddler room. So, at first, he might not sleep much at all.


- they will eat all together at a little table. I understand they will get the hang of this quite quickly, as they just watch the other kids. I'm not too worried about this part, but it is a change he will have to learn to accommodate.

- if you've ever seen Toy Story 3, this is the CATERPILLER room. LM is TOTALLY a caterpillar right now, but so are the other nine children. I hope they can all get along and that he won't start any sort of problematic behavior like biting or pulling hair or pushing or whatever.

- I love his teacher, Ms. Jackie. And the other teachers he is with now, Ms. Sonia and Ms. Shanette. I am sure you will not be surprised to hear my husband was scoping out the new room teachers and received "recommendations" about which room to move him to. I have no idea whether this is the right move or not, really, but he is going to be in one of the "recommended" rooms. Will we like the new teachers, Ms. Tameka and Ms. Irma? Will they like my boy? Will they take good care of him while he is in their care? Will they care about his well being? These are the things a mother wants to know and feel good about.


- Transition is change. And I've learned I am apprehensive about change. Perhaps everyone is to some degree. I usually handle it just fine, but I worry about it before the fact. Can you tell? Ha. I'm dealing with a lot of change myself at work, as is S, so you know, it's just something else to process.

- There will be bumps in the road. I don't like bumps. I like smooth sailing. I like status quo. (see last bullet)


Good things about the move:

- By the time he gets to kindergarten, I should be an old pro at this transition thing. Right?

- It will be good for the boy to learn to continue to be flexible. He's a pretty flexible kid as it is - he doesn't usually have issues with new places or things. I'm sure this is because he is in daycare, where he has a routine but meets new people all the time. It probably also has to do with the fact he's seen nine states in his first year - he has learned to sleep in just about any spot, fly on a plane, tolerate a long car trip, and play in a hotel room. This is just another good experience for him. Perhaps all this managed change and learning to be flexible will make him better at change than his mother.


- It is time. This is normal. It is time. And I totally already feel better about it just writing it all down. 

See you soon.

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