Friday, September 9, 2011

Farmhouse Cafe and Appleworks


Mom and I and the boy set out on Monday for lunch at this new place she found called the Farmhouse Cafe. It's near Nashville, IN, but out of the way. I could totally move into this place tomorrow. It is seriously beautiful and very cool. When we arrived, since it was about a 45 minute drive, we walked around through the flower gardens for a while. We tried to get a couple of cute photos of LM on the benches and in the flowers. He was semi-cooperative.

First bench collage

Nana and Luke first bench collage

Funny thing about the photos - I was taking the pictures and Mom was standing behind me, (when she wasn't in the photo) waving her hands, jumping around and making all sorts of noise. At one point, a couple came over because they thought someone was in distress. Hee hee. Nope - just trying to coax a smile out of a toddler!

A ride in a wagon.

A highlight for the boy - a cat to pet!

Gravel collage

Then he found GRAVEL. Oh my goodness - rocks, rocks rocks EVERYWHERE! He had so much work to do - move the rocks, pick up the rocks, EAT the rocks. It was little boy nirvana. After he found the gravel, that was pretty much his obsession. After a few minutes of that we set toward the restaurant to have something to eat.

Two different benches collage

The little old farmhouse has been turned into a funky tea room. The menu was to die for - very hard to choose. I opted for the chicken salad. It rocked. And, I have to brag on my Little Man. This was a place people go to have a special lunch - get away - and I'm pretty sure he was the only kiddo there. He sat there and ate quietly, only talking to us without whining or yelling or anything. When he was done eating, he sat happily playing with a few toys I brought to entertain him. He was an angel and I appreciated his good behavior. I'm sure it's my good parenting. Ha! Next time, I'm sure he'll show me what he can do to make sure I know it isn't that. ;-)

A pretty St. Francis sculpture. 
I'm drawn to St. Francis sculptures.

Nana and Luke collage
Nana and the Boy

Mommy and Luke collage
Mommy and LM

After lunch, we wandered for a while back into the gardens and took a few more photos. Then we hopped in the car to drive over to Apple Works, a working orchard. LM took a little nap in the car, which was perfectly timed. I had been to Apple Works before with mom, and actually posted some photos on this blog.  But I had not been in the summer or with the boy.


LM was still asleep when we arrived, so mom sat in the car with him and I wandered around a pumpkin patch (still ripening) and a sunflower patch (almost spent). Once he woke up, we went over and checked out the petting zoo and the haystacks, as well as the retail store before we headed back to Mom's house.

Sunflower collage

Petting Zoo Collage
At the Petting Zoo

Little Man liked the petting zoo - he liked that he could touch the animals and they would eat out of his hand. The one animal he did not like was the female turkey. She thought his little fingers were something to eat and pecked at him twice. He cried at this, briefly, but was easily redirected to another animal. There was a lot to use for distraction so that turkey bite didn't hurt too long. ;-)

On the haystack

My camera battery died again on me at this location, so my mom took photos with her camera to round out the visit. Again, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, which added to the enjoyment of the day.

Nana and the boy

See you soon.


  1. I did not realize Apple Works had a sunflower field! We've only been there near Halloween. I love all the sunflower pictures!

  2. Thanks Robin - definitely more going on there in the fall, but that is good and bad. We sort of enjoyed the quiet day.


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