Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Works

When I was in Indiana, my mom took me to a local apple orchard called Apple Works. It is a family owned apple orchard that also grows pears and pumpkins, among other things. It was already beginning to feel like fall at the Apple Works when I was there last month. It's finally starting to feel like fall in Dallas, too, so I thought it was still appropriate to share these photos with you!

This orchard was started in 1989 by a family that has grown it to what it is today.

They hand plant every apple tree in their orchard. They specialize in the types of apples that are not grown by larger orchards because of scaling or appearance for mass retail sales.

Also on site - a quaint country store.

They also have a huge cooler adjacent to this apple retail area where they can store the apples.

Just outside the store were several large gourd varieties and pumpkins.

I found them to be very photogenic, "warts" and all.

The orchard actually has it's own pumpkin patch. I was hoping to photograph that too, but they said it "wasn't ready" for public consumption yet, so to speak. I'm not sure where these pumpkins came from - early bloomers or not from their patch.

They have done a great deal to attract local preschools and daycare centers for field trips. First, the children get to go on tours of the orchard and store and learn about how an apple orchard works from employees or volunteers of the orchard. Then, they get to ride this little train around the bend.

And climb on the hay.

I found this to be the only part of my trip to Apple Works that wasn't completely lovely - they had no indoor toilet facilities - they had these. These were not up to the same standard as the rest of the surroundings. A restroom building should be planned soon!

After the store and the train, there is a wonderful "walk in the woods" up through a little "farm" where the kids can observe some animals.

There was a chicken coop.

And this very proud turkey.

And isn't this burro adorable?

The walk continued around a small lake.

It was pretty and quite pleasant.

Toward the end of the walk were some tended flower gardens.

Eventually, the path took you around in a circle to where you started.

And, on this side of the store was a picnic pavilion for all those little school groups.

So, there you have it - a little look at a Hoosier apple orchard! I hope you enjoyed it. This is going to be another busy week, but S and I got some rest and laundry done this weekend, so we're up to the challenge. The new AT&T Performing Arts Center opens this week and we'll be taking in some of those festivities. S's dad, Sam, is still in the hospital recuperating, so we'll be checking in on him, and my mom arrives Tuesday afternoon for a few days of visit, which will be nice.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful week. See you tomorrow.


  1. I enjoyed the orchard so much when I went with Cora's class that I made a return trip with Torchy. I agree about updating their restroom takes away from the other beauty of the establishment. Nice photos!



  2. With great photos along with travel - we don't have to get out of the house at all - just sit back and let Amy and S. do it for us!! Keep up the good work.


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