Friday, October 16, 2009

Orchids and Others

I love the composition of this photo.

The conservatory at Garfield Park in Indianapolis had hundreds of orchid varieties. And a few other flowers I couldn't help but photograph. Here are a few I caught on film, ready for their close up.

Look how the inside is brighter to entice bugs to pollinate.
I'm back to bugs...maybe I do like them.

This bloom lasts only one day. It is on a climbing vine - called an amethyst or "lavender lady." Funny - when I searched to find it's name, even though it's called "lavender lady" it is classified as a blue flowering vine. Go figure. Looks pretty darn purple to me!

I wish I knew what this was...

This one - I just like the background with the flower.

This - this plant - it's carnivorous. It's a type of marsh pitcher plant as far as I can tell. Yep - that's right - it would dine on your finger. Ok, maybe not that. But, it does entice bugs in by it's shape. Then, they get stuck in the ooey-goo and die. And the plant digests the bugs.

OK, now for some orchids...

Yes, it's an orchid!

I don't know what this is...

More orchids...

This one is a water plant.

This one is a chenille plant - perhaps it's where chenille yarn or stems get their name?
Which came first - the yarn or the plant??

This is a big, healthy bromeliad variety.

Back to the orchids...exquisite!

OK, so there you have it. Orchids and others. I think this is the last of the Garfield Conservatory photos. I'm sure some of you are glad for that! I have tons of stuff to show you from the new AT&T Performing Arts Center as well as from the State Fair of Texas, which ends this weekend. I'll get around to them next week, I promise.

We'll be spending the weekend with my mom before she flies home Sunday night. We get to celebrate her birthday with her. That's always nice! And, we'll visit S's dad who is still awaiting release from the hospital, doing better every day. And who knows what else - that's enough, actually!

Best wishes to you for a lovely weekend! See you Monday!

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