Tuesday, October 6, 2009


No bugs here - I just like it.

So, as I started going through the photos I took last Friday at the Dallas Arboretum in more detail, I realized I had captured quite a few of our insect friends in the shots. Even more than were in yesterday's post. A veritable insectomania!

Here's a dusty miller moth, I believe, hanging out.

No insects - I just like this one.

Check out these with the bee...

I like the bee and the yellow flower very much.

No insect. Just liked it.

Bee, meet cone flower. Perhaps you've met before.

No insect. I like it. I must post it.

Another mothy variety...

No bug. Just, well, you know, liked it.

Just a sneak peak at the pumpkins.
More about that later.

No insects...just really liked this yard art.

Shrimp flower, sans insect.

Um, and, another one I had to just throw in.
It's a sickness, my friend.

And I absolutely adore this one.

OK, finally, here - another insect.
Butterfly? Moth?

No moth.



Not sure.
I'm a little fuzzy on what makes a moth a moth.
And vice versa.

And, another bee.


Beautiful hibiscus, no?
And tall. She was tall...

So, there you have it. Some more insects - who knew there were so many - and some more flowers I had to share. Compulsively. Forgive me.

Today my dad and Torchy are heading back to Indiana. We sure had a nice time while they were here. I hope they enjoyed their stay. And, I hope they have safe travels home. They will be on my mind today as they travel. Also today - my department at work will take in our "team building" day at the fair - last year, our team building day yielded this. So, I have high expectations. It'll be fun no matter what, of course! Thanks to all of my friends who have been stopping by to keep the duckies company. We'll check in on them again while we are there, of course!

Enjoy your Tuesday. See you tomorrow.


  1. Butterfly or moth? My vote moth. Loved the psycidelic one.

  2. great pictures, thanks!


  3. What kind of camera do you use?? Your photography skills are phenomenal!


  4. Hi to my favorite amateur photographer.

    Yes we had a lovely time. You and Sam are gracious hosts and great cooks. We always eat to much when we visit....as well as eating to much whenever. We are back home.




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