Monday, October 5, 2009

Cool Bugs

We had a weekend chock FULL of activities, with Dad and Torchy in town. We had a great time, and I've barely had a chance to digest it all, let alone the photos. Oh, I have lots to share with you here!

Dad and Torchy at the Arboretum

Last Friday afternoon, we went over to the Dallas Arboretum. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, so it was a perfect time to check out the gardens. I took my camera along and have lots of interesting shots of gourds, pumpkins, mums, water features, etc. But, today, I have two very interesting sets of bug photos that I caught while there. Some of the best bug shots I think I've ever captured, actually. They were both pretty amazing coincidences that allowed me to get the shots.

First up - cool bug encounter numero uno - a dragonfly that waited for a lens change.

We walked over to look over the side of a walking bridge because people were talking about the active koi fish in the pond below. They were numerous and active, for sure.

Look very carefully for the red dragonfly...

But then, a red dragonfly buzzed up. I did not have on my telephoto lens, so I snapped that photo up there. I said to Torchy, "Oh, I wish I had on the telephoto lens - I bet that bug won't stay put long enough for me to get it out..." Then, I proceeded to change lenses to the telephoto - unzip the backpack, drag out the lens, change out the covers, un-attach and re-attach the new lens, put the old lens away, zip the backpack up, refocus - and that bug proceeded to stay put! Like he was just posing for little ol' me. As if he had nothing better to do.

And I got this amazing shot!

And this one too!

Then, as if that wasn't enough -
the dragonfly waiting for the girl to change her lens -
his buddy joined him!

Here's a good look at the other photogenic dragonfly.

And a couple of the two of them together.

Cool bug encounter number two - a butterfly that couldn't wait to get in the frame.

We were walking around the garden a little bit later, and Torchy commented on a series of beautiful hot pink zinnias and how intense the color was. I agreed, and set my lens upon one of them to capture the color.

Just then, an orange butterfly swooped in.
I have tried to identify the butterfly (or moth?) but haven't done so yet.

She allowed me to get this great contrast of the orange butterfly and the pink flower.

Beautiful. Love it.

So, there you have it - my close encounters with the insect world that seemed destined to want to help me take a good photo. More later this week from our whirlwind weekend. Best wishes for a great start to your week. Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow!


  1. The word is out, even the bugs want to be in Ate Up Amateur with their picture taken by the Amazing Amy.

    Great shots

  2. Amy, you are better than most National Geographic photographers. Just stunning - again!!


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