Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gourds of a Feather

Also on view at the Dallas Arboretum this time of year - pumpkins. And gourds. And more gourds. Gourds of every kind imaginable. And then, some more pumpkins. I thought you might like to take a look at them.

And, as you will see, these photos were not taken in the past 10 days in Dallas, when we've not seen the sun. These were before the unending rain! I mean, I LOVE rainy, cold days, but sister, this is ENOUGH! I hear this is the end. And that a lovely weekend awaits us. We'll keep breathing...

They had the place lined with pumpkins, pretty much.

Obviously, the arboretum is a beautiful place, well adorned with pumpkins.

There was a section where they identified the different gourds for you.Not a gourd - just some mums for good measure.

Then they used all those pumpkins and gourds for this fun pumpkin house area.

With a flower apple to boot.

There were many families taking it all in.

Oh, and who could forget - the corn husk horse!

Very creative.

Then, surround the house were fields of gourds, all lined up in rows...

Then, there was an area where kids (or anyone I guess) could pick a pumpkin to take home with them. Talk about a few hundred pumpkins...

An autumnal cornucopia, if you will. Heh heh.

Mom arrived safely last night, and we're up to some good stuff while she's here. I'll report some of it here, of course, as I'm able.

S's dad Sam is still recuperating in hospital, but his friend John went home yesterday for further treatment there. We're still thinking of them a lot and hoping for the best.

Hope your Wednesday goes off without a hitch. See you tomorrow.

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