Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Great Day for Dallas

Yesterday morning I attended the dedication ceremony to open the new AT&T Performing Arts Center. (formerly the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, and my previous employer) It was a nice event.

The weather was not so nice - especially for Dallas in October - it was foggy (no, that is not overexposure - the tops of the buildings were in fog) and sort of rainy and a little cold. For Dallas, anyway - you'll notice the heavy coats - I think it was in the upper 50's. But people came anyway!

There were speeches from the CEO, the Board Chair, the Mayor, other city officials, etc. Even a lady from AT&T, not pictured here. I figured she was already well represented in EVERY PHOTO. Ahem.

Then, they opened up the doors to show all sorts of examples of the kinds of arts you will see in the new center.

Then, as people milled around it felt like "old home" week - I was able to say hello to several people I had not seen in a long time. And, check out a few areas of the Wyly Theater.

Check out that cool kiosk!

This is the way into the Wyly lobby.

A view from the Wyly's 6th floor patron's lounge.

It was really sort of surreal, standing in a building that I had been looking a photos and renderings of for over 5 years. I mean, it's been standing for a while, being built. But, now it's open and accessible and that is cool.

There is a glimpse of the Winspear from inside the Wyly lobby.
More on that another day!

A view from the Wyly patron's lounge.

And, a view from the patron's lounge of the award-winning
Booker T. Washington School for the Visual and Performing Arts.

You can join in on the opening week festivities, too. On Sunday, October 18th, the entire Arts District will be open and free for everyone to enjoy. And, they'll be giving tours of the new buildings. So, come on down and check out your Arts District, Dallasites! It's very cool.

It was a great day for Dallas. It will mean great opportunities for our community to experience all sorts of performing arts. A great day indeed. See you tomorrow.


  1. Just the title "great day for Dallas" made me laugh. The best part of working for DCPAF was -- by a mile -- meeting you!


  2. One word...jealous. I really wish I could have gone. Ah, the sacrifices I make for the little ones. It's so exciting that the buildings that we talked about so much are finally here and open. I'm having flashbacks of the nine of us sitting around the conference room table having staff meetings, and of course there were all of those mailings, among other memories. Good times! Hopefully I can get down there to see the Center before too long.



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