Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Cheryl Mum

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S's "mum" has a mum named after her. Did you know that? Yes, certainly the Cheryl mum was named after Cheryl, my mother-in-law. No doubt about it.

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Why, you ask? Well, because they are both lovely in every way, of course. She's actually prettier than the her namesake mum, inside and out!

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And Cheryl has had a tough row of it recently, with S's dad Sam in hospital. I mean, he's doing well, but it turns your life upside down, visiting, worrying, caring. And, of course, I am sure if you asked her, she'd say it was no big deal.

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But, it IS a big deal. She HAS to be tired. No matter what! So, I thought today would be a good day to showcase the "CHERYL" mum and make sure she remembers we are all here to help her and we all appreciate her very much.

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I am a lucky girl to have such a wonderful mother-in-law and great in-laws in general. I have known them almost half my life at this point, and they have always made me feel like a welcome member of their family. They do that with everyone - make them feel welcome. And, I know they have lots of family and friends who have tried to help them - return the favor - as they are stuck in this new routine. And that is very nice, too. But, Cheryl is getting the brunt of the burden, no matter how you slice it, so I thought she might like to see some of her namesake mums today. I hope they make her smile for a second.

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And, lucky for my in-laws, they will most likely get to celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary on Friday in hospital. I am sure THAT will make it memorable, won't it. No, not so much. Ahem.

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If S's dad Sam had a blog he'd be leading the charge to shout out his appreciation. To sing the praises of his Cheryl. That's for sure. I know they can both hang in there a little while more until Sam is home, where there will still be recuperating to do, but it'll be a little easier. But it won't be easy. I hope they will let us help as we can and that our help eases the burden a bit.

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So, to S's mum, this mum's for you!

See you tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for the very kind words. I don't feel like I'm doing all that much. I love you so much and I am always very proud to tell everyone that you are my daughter-in-law. Thank you for being so good to me and Sam.


  2. Agree's they always make everyone feel welcome. I am glad you have such great in-laws.



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