Thursday, October 1, 2009

The State Bird of Indiana

This is one of Torchy's geraniums

Today, early this morning, perhaps before I even got this post to "post" my dad and his wife Torchy will be in their car on their way to my house. To go to the Great State Fair of Texas for a look see at my prize winning photograph. In case you haven't heard about that already.

This is one of dad and Torchy's bird feeders.

So, I thought it would be fitting to do a post about their backyard today, since they are on my mind as they travel on down to Texas. I hope they are being safe drivers, and more importantly, that all the other yahoos on the road are being safe drivers around them.

When I was in Indiana, now last month - welcome to October - I spent a coupla mornings in their backyard. You might remember this backyard from previous visits to Indy - it's full of birds and other pretty things. This time was no different. One particular resident, however, was especially photogenic.

Of course, there were all sorts of creatures again - like this spider.

And the squirrels.

Even a mourning dove.

And a gaggle of sparrows.

The obviously dead tree that both the mourning dove and the sparrows are perched upon - that is a "bird sanctuary" in my dad's yard. Yep, that's what it is. Now, by seeing birds perched there, you might not argue this one bit. But, here's the story behind it...forgive me if you've heard it. It's a good one, though...

This tree - it actually sits just behind my dad's property, on the city easement. So, when the tree had clearly gone on to the great forest in the sky, my dad called the city to see if they would come out to cut down the tree. His motivation for doing so was to clear the dead wood from an area that could possibly either a) hit the nearby power lines, thus losing power to his and nearby neighbors houses for an unknown period of time or b) hit his house.

The great city government of the Indianapolis informed my father that they indeed could not take the tree down, because, by city ordinance, the moment a tree dies on city property, it becomes a bird sanctuary. Yes, that's right folks. The city has legislated itself out of having to go to the expense of cutting down dead trees. Nice work, bureaucrats. Well done.

The good thing is, as you can clearly see, it does serve its intended purpose. Amen. Back to the yard...

The sparrows also visited this feeder.

And finches grazed on the other (udder) feeder.

This guy, though, he really captured my eye.
The Cardinal is the state bird of Indiana.

And this one exuded confidence and panache.

While his lady friend watched nearby.
At least, I think the faded red and brown on the back would be his lady friend.
Maybe it's just his "flying buddy." Heh heh.

He did his signature state proud on this autumn morning.

Bite after bite he enjoyed the feeder all by his lonesome.

And wondered what the heck I was lookin' at.

So, there you go. Another little glimpse of the goings on in dad and Torchy's backyard. I'm wishing them safe travels and look forward to seeing them when they arrive on our doorstep tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying the generally fall-like weather we're getting in Dallas these days - some falls don't really afford us many autumnal days. Today it's supposed to be a little warmer, but then cool down again. I'll take it. I love it. The summer heat is gone, and that is wonderful.

Thank you to Valerie and Cheryl for signing up for a cooking post in their kitchen, in addition to yesterday's guinea pigs - I think that gives me a good place to start. We'll start there and then the rest of you will be clamoring for a spot. Yep. You will. Just wait. You're gonna wish you signed up early.

Happy Pre-Friday! See you tomorrow.


  1. How sweet .... proud papa :)


  2. Wow, what a nice discription of our backyard....makes me enjoy it even more. When we got home the finch feeder (aka: utter feeder was 95% empty, bird feeder empty, suite feeders empty, humming bird feeders empty, squirrel corn gone. I think they missed us???




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