Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gotta Love this Boy

Before we move forward, regarding yesterday's post - wherefore art though, blog readers? Huh? Wha? I get on the blog at the end of the day and I don't have like a MILLION requests to come photograph my blog reading friends while they cook their favorite recipe? Excuse me? How could this be? Are you kidding me? Whassup? Is this thing on? Are you there? Did you read how I want to come take photos of you cooking your favorite recipe? Did you read that part? So, how now brown cow, am I not booked up with cooking dates from now until 2012? Or beyond? How can that be? Tell me, pluuuueeeze, tell me!

You know I will hunt you down and make you cook. You also know you won't mind it a bit and it won't hurt at all. So, come on people, don't make me hunt you down. Because I will. Make no mistake. I will. I will be taking photos in your kitchen. Don't you worry. Just go ahead and email me and sign yourself up for the party. Do it. All the cool kids are. Even if you can't tell that from my plea for more volunteers. Come on, it'll be fun. I promise.

Thank you to Deanna, Victor (while Jemez Mtns might not be in the cards anytime soon), Jessica from Pittsburgh, Kristin from Plano and Carolyn for showing some initiative. We'll get the rest of you. And your little dog too. So sign up now before the good recipes are taken.

OK, on to a little ditty about Deacon. You might remember the boy has a knack for the facial expression. Well, one night when we went to dinner while I was recently in Indy, I turned the purse camera on him to take a photo. Or two.

At first, he acted sort of shy about this photo taking stuff.

I'm not sure why. He's generally not shy.
In other news, I don't know why I swallowed the fly.
Perhaps I'll die.

Then he decided to pose for me.

Not sure what this face was...

Sweet boy...

Nice smile. Thanks, Deacon.

But then, things eventually, automatically, take a turn for the worse.

And we end up here. Inevitably, here.

Not a bad place to be for a Wednesday, I guess. Especially a Wednesday when you're going to sign up to be photographed making your favorite recipe. Not bad at all. See you tomorrow.


  1. Good looking guy. Looks like his dad.

  2. I wander who the other anonymous response was from..hee hee.



  3. You can come watch me cook something.  How about I cook some evening or a Saturday afternoon and then we eat.


  4. well i figure you're not in denver that often...but you're welcome to stop by!


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