Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gabbing with Grandpa

On my first full day in Indiana last week, dad and I picked my niece Cora up from kindergarten and spent the afternoon with her. The first thing we did when we arrived at their house - lunch. Dad, aka Grandpa, rustled up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust cut off and some goldfish crackers. I supplied some apple juice and Cora set out to eat.

While she was eating, she and Grandpa had a long conversation about a number of topics. This, of course, thrilled me to no end, as you know I love to be able to capture conversations. This one was no different. The lighting isn't the best as they were sitting in front of a bright window, and I was using the little camera, but you can see the interaction all the same. And, yes, there are tons of photos - so many you could stack them and have a flip book of the action...but they tell the story so scroll on through.

At first, Cora seemed to wonder what all the talking was about...I mean, she WAS eating.
(And she had pulled out her pigtails...hairdo by Cora.)

Grandpa asked her if he did a good job with the sandwich.

She said yes. Then he pressed on - pressed his luck.
"Did I make it as good as mommy's?"

Well, I really like more peanut butter.
"Oh - I piled on the jelly."


"But, you do like it when I cut all the crusts off, right?"
Cora replied, "Yes, you're the only one who will do it."
Grandpa was pleased.

Then Grandpa quizzed her about the inner workings of kindergarten.

This delighted the little girl and made her laugh.

"Oh Grandpa!"

Then Grandpa asked if he could have a goldfish...

At first, Cora was determined to secure her stash.
Look at the genuine affection in her eyes, gazing at her Grandpa.

But he stole one anyway.

Then he convinced her to let him have some...
(and there's a message on the phone...)

And before long SHE was handing them over to HIM.
Those Grandpas - they know the tricks of persuasion.

The conversation continued.

About this and that.
Very important, life changing, world saving stuff.

They enjoyed each other's company as I watched them interact.

And made wonderful memories of one another.

And when the meal was through, they rested on the couch together.
While Cora played with my iPhone.

It's amazing that I can hand that iPhone over to Cora or her siblings and within minutes they have it all figured out. Kids and their amazing brains. Amazing.

We had a great afternoon with Cora. Thanks Cora, for letting us hang out with you.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Funny....I remember Grandpa being the only one who would cut the crust off my pb&j sandwiches too!!

  2. precious memories



  3. Grandpas are such the perfect companions to children. Not only do they know exactly what they want, but know give the perfect amount of love and attention at the right time.


  4. Kids and their Grandpas! It's amazing how a grandchild can turn someone we have always known as a "father" into this magical creature known as a "grandpa."


  5. Oh she is adorable. I LOVE THE CONVERSATION. Someday she will love having those pictures!


  6. such dear and sweet pictures of their conversation.  they will look back on these simple, good, times and be happy.  i am missing my grandpa.


  7. You have done a good job of depicting my youngest child as one with an average somewhat normal disposition.


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