Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Time

I'd rather be someplace like this...sigh.

I have no time to post a thing for you today. I've been working too much which leaves no time for me to play on the blog. S says he wants to do a guest blog but I haven't even had a moment to organize that. But I bet you can't wait to read S's guest blog, can you? We'll get to it soon. I'll have something tomorrow, though, for sure. Something about the new stadium around these parts...tomorrow.

Instead, today, check out some sites I like to visit:

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
- a favorite

Frontburner - a must for Dallasites (and check out their other blogs too...)

Awkward Family Photos - good for a riotous laugh

Woot - a deal a day, and the sister sites, Shirt.woot, Wine.woot, Kids.woot, and Sellout.woot.

Uncrate and Outblush - cool new things

New York Times - all the news that's fit to print

What are your favorite sites? The ones you go to every day - even more than once? Tell me in the comments - I want to know! It's the best way to find the best stuff. Thanks!

Best wishes for a glorious Thursday. Pre-Friday!!! See you tomorrow.


  1. Recommended site:
    This is the food companion to "FrontBurner".

  2. ateupamateur of course!



  3. I like going to:

    These little people and their notes crack me up! I hope you enjoy reading some of them!



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