Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Artist's Muse

Saturday night S and went to the Eclectic Expressions gallery for the opening of an art show that his cousin Lynn was part of.

That's Lynn, smiling this general direction, on the right.

Lynn is a well schooled and very talented artist. We enjoy going to see her work whenever we have the chance. And, it usually is also an opportunity to catch up with some of the S-man's clan. We knew his other cousin Ann and her husband Miles and his Aunt Sug and Uncle Harold would also be in attendance. So, it's a double whammy sort of event - good art AND good company.

Lynn's husband Jim and S's Uncle Harold

S's Aunt Sug and the man himself.
This is a great photo of both of them, no?

Aunt Sug doesn't like to get her photo taken. Neither do I really. But, as I've said before, and I'll just step right up to say again, GET OVER IT. I have to say it again to remind myself just as much as anyone else. Here's the thing - no matter what YOU think you look like in the photo, someone else will be glad to have it. To look at it now and someday in the future. I mean, don't you like to look at photos of family and friends, old and new? Yes. You do. We all do. And we cherish them when they become the old ones. And, heck, five years from now, you will definitely be younger in that photo than you will be, and you might even be thinner. So, GET IN THE PHOTO and we'll all be happy. Thank you. Amen.

S and Uncle Harold

When S was growing up, Uncle Harold was his scout leader. He learned an awful lot from him and has many fond memories of their time together. And he respects his expertise on just about anything related to home improvement. Harold to this day is a constant source of information, support and friendship to S - now and over the years - and he loves him for it. That's for sure.

He also has some really funny stories that involve Harold. Very funny. There's this one where the zippers were over the fire...oh, that's a good one. And there's the one about the day he got lost in Corleone, Sicily all by himself carrying a large bright pink bag and not speaking a lick of Italian. But those are for another day.

Back to the gallery - above all the wonderful reasons to attend already mentioned - and really, that would be enough for me to post a little about Lynn and the gallery opening here - but, in addition to all of that, Lynn was displaying a painting based on one of MY PHOTOS from Sicily! She had asked me for some copies of my Sicily photos a while back, and I had given her permission to paint from them. But I couldn't believe she used one of mine! I was so honored and surprised!

You haven't seen it here yet, because I took it in Cefalu, and sister, we've only gotten to one of the Sicily cities, and that was Palermo - now in that photo up there, behind the guitar player, on the far wall, is another painting based on a photo from Sicily. This time, those central fountains in the old town square in Palermo. You saw a bit about that here. But I didn't take the photo that one was based on - Lynn took that one herself.

So, here is the original photo by me.

And, here is Lynn's wonderful creation!
(I did get permission to photograph it and tell you about it from Lynn.)

So, there you go. It's almost as if my photo has been in a gallery. Ha. Almost. Anyway, as I said, I was so honored and it was so fun to see it there! Thanks Lynn for using it. And, thanks for inviting us to attend the gallery opening. We had a great time.

See you tomorrow!


  1. The painting based on Amy photo is amazing! What talent you both have!



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