Monday, September 14, 2009

Travel Day

Today I'm spending some precious few last hours with the Indiana family before heading back to Texas. The weather, for one, has been amazing.

We've had lots of family time, a trip to a botanical garden, many meals, a soccer game, some guitar playing, a family reunion and a fall festival. Of course, I will catalog all of that for you here eventually.

While in Indiana the past few days, I made three of these yummy creations that I couldn't resist trying off Smitten Kitchen's site, as well as some chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, some chicken and cheese enchiladas and some other stuff. You know I love to cook.

And, my brother showed me this cool guitar site for finding tabulature of famous songs.

Oh, and my niece Veda showed me the inner workings of While we were on there, we made an "ice skating" show and sent it to Uncle S back in Dallas. So, being the good uncle he is, Uncle S sent one back to us - check it out here.

I'll have lots more to say and photos to share later this week, today I want to spend my time away from the blog soaking up the Hoosiers. Best wishes for a wonderful start to your week, and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. You are so lucky, Amy. You managed to time your trip to miss nothing for rain for the past several days in Dallas. You should now buy a lotto ticket!

  2. Great to see you Miss Amy!!!!! Have a safe trip back and give S a hug for me.


  3. Bring the nice weather back with you.  It has been raining like crazy here.


  4. It was nice having you. Come back soon. We have nice weather frequently.


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