Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Picked #3...and Painted!

Thank you to everyone who voted on which color we should paint the kitchen. The big decision was made to choose number THREE. Three it was. We chose three. 3. 3 is a magic number. But I digress to my 70's childhood. Back to paint...

Here's the real kicker - we not only chose number three, the magic number, but we also PAINTED THE ROOM this past holiday weekend. I know. I can't hardly believe it myself. Whoop it up, my friends. This sort of home improvement progress never happens quite this fast around these parts!

So, of course, I documented the transformation for you to share with you here.

First, we moved everything in the kitchen to the dining room table.

Yes, that's a lot of wine.
That's what a vacation in Napa where you actually join the wine club will do to you.

Then, S patched what needed patching and we let that dry.

Then we taped everything off.

Pay no attention to the mess on the ceiling. S is going to do that THIS weekend, while I'm in Indiana - coat and paint the ceiling. I can't wait to see it when I get back. It'll be great!

And we put down paper over the counters.
This was mainly for me.
I'm a three coat kind of girl - wall, floor, me.

Then I Kilz-ed the "test" areas and areas near the stove and sink.
And S got started on the actual color where he could.

Then he moved to the roller. And I did the cutting in.
An "action shot."

S isn't actually in that shot because he forbade me from taking his photo while painting. You see, he took his shirt off because he was hot. And he wouldn't let me photograph him topless. Oh well - there's the roller and his elbow.

After one coat, I wasn't so sure about the color choice...

Will you LOOK at all those electrical outlets?
Thanks Steve!

We even painted behind the fridge.
We really did it right.

So we did a second coat.

And I still wasn't sure about the color.

But then it dried completely...

...and I think, with trim and artwork, it'll do.
Yes, the dog beds really make the whole room work, don't you think?

I don't think it's exactly the color I had in my head. I think it's a little lemony where I thought it'd be a little more on the buttery side. Yellow is a tricky color. But, as I said, it'll do. With the trim and art up, it'll definitely do.

When we sell this house, remind me to take a shot like this.
Will you LOOK at how big that kitchen looks at this angle?
Optical illusion...

I want to point out that this entire room painting project, from start to finish, if you don't count the 30 minutes or so S used to patch the night before, took us about 5 hours. That's not bad, sister! I mean, it certainly looks better than it did when we started! I'm sure we can all agree on that! And, as I mentioned, S is going to work on the ceiling this weekend, and some cabinet trim. Then next weekend we'll do door and window trim. And, if we get really wild and crazy, light fixtures. I know - it could be touch and go. I mean, those bare bulbs are really something, aren't they? So we'll see.

And, once we get ceiling, trim and light fixtures up, the kitchen will be officially DONE. 18 years in the making. OK, maybe not that long. But, a long time coming. And it might be here by the end of the month! Amen to that!

See you tomorrow.


  1. Great job - I hate painting, but it always looks so good when it's finished. Congrats for your patience in getting it done.

  2. Looks Great. I does take a long time to get things done. I am still waiting on the doors I bought in May to be put on the pantry. Hopefully by the holidays.


  3. Wow! Looks great! Makes the room look bigger and so much nicer. Can't wait to see the room completely finished. S and you enjoyed cooking in it before, it will be even better now.



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