Friday, September 18, 2009

The Family Reunion

Me and Dad at the reunion

One of the reasons I chose to go for an Indiana visit last weekend was that it coincided with my dad's family's reunion. It is held every year on the Second Sunday in September. See, that alliteration thing is in my bones.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day and a nice turnout. And a great time catching up. As I scrolled through my photos, I realized two things:

1) I should have, after all those photos, gotten one of everyone there. I missed a coupla people.

2) When I am with family, I don't always take the most care in focusing the shot...I had a lot of not quite right photos in the bunch because I was going fast, snapping without paying attention, and had a lens on that demands you pay attention or you'll get sloppy photos. Emphasis on AMATEUR, always, my friends.

2) Boy, was it nice to see everyone.

So, basically at every reunion, we eat, visit, play games, watch the kids run around, watch videos from previous reunions and videos of old home movies.

Torchy and Dad doing their video segment.

This year, my Aunt Marlene's husband Stephen also had us all talk to the video camera to try to capture some memories we had of spending time with the family. Other than that, it was pretty much "as you were". And that was just great!

Instead of organizing the rest of these by time and space, I'm just going to identify them as I go.

Steve, Veda and Deacon rode their bikes to the reunion.
Deacon thought this was SO COOL.

My cousin Robin and Caleb.

Stephen, Uncle Jim and his granddaughter

Austin and his nephew Rolen.

My cousin Candy's son Hayden with his great grandma, and my Aunt Dot.

Robin and Aunt Dot. Aunt Dot was very popular.

Cousins Hayden and Gabe, and Hayden's brother Brody

Steve and Deacon with the EXACT same look, and a great photo of Terri.


Caleb and his grandpa, my Uncle Kenny.

Cora and Deacon

Aunt Dot and Aunt Sally
(mother and daughter)

Aunt Dot with Caleb

Rolen and his mom, my niece Amber

My oldest brother Bob and Dad

Ryon and Rolen


Brothers Uncle Kenny and Dad

Austin, the HS Senior

Nathon, Dad, Ryon
Remember, I said I'd get this shot?

My brother Rick and Aunt Dot

Nathon - as you can see, he's doing great.

My dad's cousin Luinda (R) and her daughter Amy (L).

Rick and Nathon

Dad and Uncle Jim

I LOVE this one of Nathon and Ryon

Nathon and Dad

A great one of Uncle Kenny and Aunt Sally

My sister-in-law Sherri and her grandson Rolen

Luinda took a ride on the wild side with Stephen...

Ryon, Nathon, Rick and Kim

LOVE this one of cousins Gabe and Hayden

Brothers Uncle Kenny and Uncle Jim

Cousins Nathon and Veda

Uncle Jim's wife Debbie

Uncle Kenny, Uncle Jim, Aunt Marlene, Dad

That's most of my dad's siblings - we're missing Aunt Dorene who didn't make it, and his step-brothers Uncle Ray and Frankie. But it's a good photo, no?

So, there's a pictorial run through the reunion. It was a great time. I'm glad I could attend. Best wishes for the weekend. S and I have some exciting things on tap - we're both working part of the weekend. But, besides that, we're going to try to get the kitchen ceiling painted and the trim purchased. I also hope to get new blinds up in the den windows. And, we're going to an exhibit of S's cousin Lynn's paintings on Saturday night and visit with some of HIS family. That will be great fun.

Hope your weekend is whatever you need it to be - restful, fun, exciting - whatever! I'll see you here next week.


  1. I had NO idea you had an older brother! After all these years! How's Steve? Didn't see him in any of these pixs.


  2. Amy,
    I absolutely LOVE the picture of my dad and Caleb, Wonderful!!! Also the one of Hayden and Gabe is priceless!
    Thanks of posting them!

  3. Ummm...Thanks FOR posting them!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing Ames.  It was a great time.


  5. Thanks for posting those pictures, Amy. I look forward to getting all you can send me on a picture CD so I can use them on the memories DVD later...


  6. Great Job as always honey, thanks for the memories in photo form, they mean so much.




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