Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Water Lilies

Mom and I went to the Garfield Park Conservatory last Friday afternoon to see what we could see. And we saw a lot. Admission is only $1 - a bargain at twice the price. And a real bargain for me, because mom paid!

I took a ton of photos in that place. And I'm sure I'll bore you with them here sometime soon. Today I want to share the photos of some Egyptian Blue Water Lilies and others I saw at the conservatory. At least that's what I THINK some of them are...I THINK there could also be some of these. Definitely NYMPHAEA. That's for sure. I found them to be absolutely divine. You know how I can fixate on a plant. Yep, I can. So, here is today's fixation. I hope you enjoy them as well as I did.

I think there was just maybe an artist that once fixated on water lilies...he may have had an entire water lily period. I think I can see why... Of course, his photos were taken at Giverny, and these photos were taken at Garfield. I'm sure, given the "G for garden" in both words, that the lilies in each location are very similar. Yes?

They are so beautiful floating out there on the water, and so dainty - delicate - yet stately. I liked them very much. It's hard to believe they can "take over" a pond and become invasive, isn't it? But, apparently they can. Certainly, these lovely specimens have not done so, as they are handled with care by the conservators.

These photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera) because that blue - well, it's a strange color, and doesn't do well when I mess with it in the photo software. It goes all wonky. That's a technical term that only highly skilled photography buffs would understand, of course. Wonky, that is. I could have "messed" more, but I decided they were fine as they are. "Messed" is another highly technical term. Anyhoo, you'll see that the color appears slightly different in the close up shots from the pulled out shots due to the light in the surrounding area. And, of course, the colors are also different on each flower variety present and well accounted for here.

They were quite captivating. Of course, if I post in such detail every day about my five days in Indiana, we'll easily be talking about this trip well into November. So, I'm going to have to get a move on and talk in more general terms going forward. I will do it, I promise. It's just that I have this fixation problem, you see. Oh, right, yes, if you read this blog at all, you see. You understand. God bless us both.

Best wishes for getting over the hump today. See you tomorrow.


  1. Wow, so real - seems like you can touch them. Your photography ROCKS!!

  2. It's a good thing mom is a big spender and paid for you to get in. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Nice job, love the colors.

  4. wow, really pretty pictures of the lilies.

    when you have some prints ready for purchase, let me know.


  5. Those are just beautiful Amy! Victoria was even amazed with the beauty of those pics. Love them thanks for sharing.


  6. One of my favorite posts, and I'm not usally all that in to your flower/plant obssession. :-) I love your Monet reference, and the pics are just amazing. It's too bad you took them in Indiana because they'd be Texas State Fair worthy for next year. Can you enter them into a photo contest at the Indiana State Fair?


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