Friday, September 4, 2009

The New Cowboys Stadium

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S and I had the opportunity to check out the new Cowboys Stadium in person last weekend at a pre-season game against the San Francisco 49ers. Normally attending a pre-season game would be kind of boring, but since it was a new stadium, that made it fun.

We went with S's work for a client related event, so we went in style - parking pass and suite tickets. S wanted to point out to you the parking pass would have cost $75. And we thought that was downright crazy. But, we used it since it was free to us! Parking that costs $75 will get you practically curbside. We walked only about 50 feet to get inside.

The tickets were plastic of some kind - swanky.

We printed parking directions off Dallas Cowboys Maps and they directions sort of took us right in - there is a lot of construction and not many way finding signs. The traffic wasn't too bad going in - now, coming out, it was a little less friendly.

Our parking spot outside the stadium.

The lobby you enter to take the suite elevator.

Just outside the suite elevators.

Then once, you're indoors, to go to the three upper suite levels, you board an elevator to your suite.

The suites were pretty nice with their own kitchen and bathroom, catered meal and comfy seats. They also had televisions in them that you had the power to change to whatever you'd like. You could also control what sound you wanted to hear in your suite.

The one thing that hits you right off the bat is, well, that SCREEN. The world's largest. Let me just say it is impressive when you first see it - it spans pretty much from the 20 to the 20. But then, after that, you start to ask, "Why?" It's so large it is distracting. Even when you try to watch the field, it's hard to focus on THE FIELD. I mean, the color is even better on THE SCREEN, so you find yourself looking at the Memorex over the Real. It's sort of ridiculous. It is ridiculous. It's just Jerry being Jerry.

The main concourse in the end zone.

The "hatch" over the roof must stay in place, whatever that place is - open or closed - once it is decided two hours before the game begins. It takes 12 minutes to open or shut the roof - that is not why it can't move. It's because the NFL says it might be unfair advantage to one team or the other if conditions changed mid-game.

My man S at the stadium. Poor lighting choices made all by me.

Before the game, the players came out to warm up.

Then the cheerleaders arrived.
I think they may have received more cheering than the team.

Then they all disappeared and they put out these smoke-fire breathing things and they all re-appeared to announce the start of the game.

A cool video plays that shows clips from past years, past players, past trophies, and then shows the current players.

Then they all ran out on the field while the little star machine breathed fire.

At this moment, I thought, "I am the great and powerful wizard."
I wonder if that's what Jerry was going for...

The National Anthem

Then they played some football. I think we lost, but it's a pre-season game, so it doesn't matter.

Romo with the pass...

A Dr. Pepper Can Race is the "dot race."

7-Up was victorious in case you wondered.

That's Jerry's throne over there. See him?
Very Roman coliseum of him I think.
His middle name is Caeser - didn't you know that?

It appeared I missed a beautiful sunset just outside...

Another Romo pass.

Gratuitous shot of the Canon ad.
You know, to prove I "shoot like a pro." Heh heh.

Kickoff return.

Justine apparently lives on Planet Tan.

A special "on top of the dugout suites" spot for the cheerleaders.

At halftime, some other group of scantily clad women employed by the Cowboys organization came out and danced a number, then the University of Texas at Arlington band performed.

After halftime, we attempted to walk around the stadium. This was sort of futile. If we were not "suite" ticket holders, it would have been impossible, but that got us through some checkpoints...the place is not made to walk around. It's made to put each level of ticket buyer in a particular place and control that buyer in that area. It's all about control - it must raise the cost of running the place by shear personnel numbers exponentially. Seriously, it was crazy how segmented it all was. "Someone is a control freak" crazy.

Suite level public area.

I liked the lights in this area.

Some prices for you - the same throughout.

Football shaped lighting...

...seemed to be the theme they went with.

A bar in the "silver" area.

Some, shall we say, "spirited" fans.

A "general" concession area.

View from the other side.

S, checking out the "ours is bigger" tshirt - another prevalent theme in this place.

A view of that big screen from the endzone area.

And, I'd say it wasn't, besides being new and big, that inviting of a place. Yes, it's new and big. I get that. Big. The biggest. With the biggest TV. And its the home of my home team. But, it's cold and corporate too, and then there's that aforementioned control issue. And some of that big is just to be big and serves no apparent purpose to me. It's not as fun of a place to see a game as other stadiums I've visited. It's very Jerry - very "squeeze every last dollar from ya". But there are lots of Cowboys fans, so it doesn't matter what I think. He'll have plenty of dollars to squeeze.

We stayed until the bitter end, walked back to our car, and sat in the maze to the highway. It was fun, and nice to see the new place. But, sister, I wouldn't pay those prices on my own. Ever. I'll watch it on the couch in my den. Amen.

Best wishes for the THREE DAY WEEKEND. Woo-hoo for that! S and I are planning some more football - college this time - as well as some patching and painting. And bike riding - did you think we sold those bikes? Nope, we did not and we're back on them now that the heat has subsided a bit. And who knows what else we'll find to do. I'll tell you about it here, of course, if I bring my camera, which you know I will. Until then, my friends!


  1. I love, LOVE the Cactus Cuties! They're version of the National anthem always gives me the chills! :)

  2. Wish I'd have known you were there, I'd have come said hi.

    Also, didn't know if you noticed or not, but the big TV shows the game from your angle. Cowboys going right to left on the field, they are going right to left on your TV. It's reversed for the other side. I found that to be cool.


    PS -- See you on the BLVD?

  3. Eeek. I don't know what else to say. Kind of "sterile"? Thanks for posting these; we've been curious about how the new place looks and feels.

    Ahh, Jerry. (Cue Darth Vader music)

    PS- we've got six of those silver Lombardi bad boys up here in the 'burgh. No need for any of them there fancy $13 Kobe burgers...just give us the trophy. ;)


  4. Amy, my daughter is a teacher at Trinity High School and they're playing on Monday at the new stadium! We get to attend and can't wait to take pictures as well! SO fun!


  5. WOW! That is amazing. I am glad you guys had fun!


  6. Well, I guess it IS bigger than the Colts new stadium, and S would imply it is better too, But... I think I remember that one CAN walk all around Lucas Oil stadium. I can see how that screem could be distracting, too.

    It really does not matter, cause we too, will watch games from the comforts of home, with home food, and the home bathroom and no traffic jams.

    As for blogs... yours is the only one I read. mom

  7. yes, mom, screems are distracting...

  8. Okay son, my bad, apparently can't type or proofread today. LOL

  9. Amazing pictures and clever writing.  Looks like you had a fun and swanky time.  We should have our next staff meeting there.


  10. Curious that you know who won the Dr. Pepper race, but not the actual football game!! :0)


  11. LMAO Lisa, yes that says a lot doesn't it? I asked S-they lost as I thought. Now if it were a "real" game I think I would remember both the scores...maybe. ;-)

    And Jess, so burgh-ian of the Darth Vader music.

    Mom, S also thought it was too big in some ways.

    JG-yes, see ya at the BOULEVARD!

    And thanks everyone for their comments although I'm still awaiting those interesting links...


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