Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Down on the BOULEVARD

So S and I went over to SMU, where we are both alums, to take in the first football game of the season. Before the game, SMU fans don't tailgate. No, no, no. That's too plain. Passe. Old. Overdone. At SMU, fans BOULEVARD.

What is Boulevarding? Um, well, it's tailgating. Yep. That's what it is. Anyway, no matter what you call it, at an SMU game, it is most likely the best part of the day. Why? Well, because you can catch up with your fellow alums, relive old times and make new memories. And, the game hasn't started yet so hope still springs eternal that the Ponies will actually win. Ahem.

After the boulevard, on the way to the stadium.

Later this week, if we keep it together, S is going to do a guest blog post right here about the game itself. About the state of SMU Football, and what he thinks about all of that. So I won't ruin the suspense on that one and talk about the game. I'll just show you some photos from our time on the BOULEVARD.

This is it, pretty much...

...people milling about, visiting, grilling, drinking, eating...

...hours before the game.

SMU's finest were on hand.

And, in case you were wondering...SMU recycles.

The Peruna handlers brought him around for the kiddos.
That reminds me of one of my favorite jokes...

Have you heard Peruna lately?

He's a little hoarse.

Get it? Horse-hoarse-horse? Little Horse? Little hoarse? Haaa haa. Hee hee. Ho Ho. Snort. Whahhaaa. Whoa. Ohhh...

OK. Maybe it's not all that.

S and JG with their Pony Ears.
No, they aren't wishing you "peace." Not these two. ;-)

Our friend JG, regular reader and commenter to this here blog (thanks JG) has an annual spot on the Boulevard that he and some of his fellow alums pay good money to inhabit each season. In addition to stopping by the business school, walking up and down the length of the boulevard and partaking of all the free food, a must-stop is at JG's place.

JG's first tailgate...in 2000. (Photo supplied by JG himself and his new scanner.)
They've come a long way, baby.

He's got tents, televisions, grills, food and beer.
And in more recent years, a kiddie play area. ;-)

And, most importantly for us, he knows probably 85% of the people we know at the game. And those people also meander by his place. So, hanging out there gets you all caught up with the gang. It's always a fun time.

Tricia And Carolann.

Brian and Kevin (not pictured here) were up from Houston.
It was nice to see them!

Tricia, S, JG, Brian, me.
So fun to catch up.

So, that was our time Boulevarding this was weekend. Later in the week, S'll take a turn at the keyboard to give you a blow by blow of the actual game. See you tomorrow.


  1. A new word to my vocabulary - "boulevarding" - only in the bubble.
    Thanks Amy,

  2. PS, meant to post this previously...I love your "ducky" header for your blog.
    Very colorful and it makes me smile.

  3. Thanks Victor - it makes me smile too. ;-)

  4. I like this post.


  5. Nice work. Thanks for the feature and the moniker!

    Will we see you on Oct 10?



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