Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In My Mother's Garden

In my mother's garden there are many beautiful things.

I have photographed this little garden angel in almost every season.

There are many beautiful things, even at the edge of autumn.

I mean, look at that beautiful hydrangea!

And the gorgeous geranium.

But one plant in particular demanded my attention and it was this Hyssop plant. It was a favorite of bees of all kinds - and even a hummingbird, but I didn't get him on camera.

Leave it to the point and shoot to capture the only two photos I got...

...of the bees actually in motion off the flowers.

But the SLR does take creamy photos, doesn't it?

In my mother's garden, the hyssop looked amazing.

I was quite taken by the hyssop plant.

Also known as "Agastache Honeybee Blue"

Or "Giant Hyssop"
Whatever the name, it was fun to watch nature interact.

Also in my mother's garden - tomatoes.

Tomatoes grow no place as well as they do in Indiana.

And they taste better, too.
In my humble opinion.

My dad planted some "near dead" plants one year, forgot them, and got a bumper crop.
They love Indiana weather.

And boy do I love tomatoes.
Especially right off the vine.

From my mother's garden.

I sliced a good number of these up and devoured every last morsel.
Just add salt! Dee-licious.

You gotta love a Midwestern garden, especially when it's been carefully tended by your mom. Beautiful. Even at the start of autumn. Thanks Mom, for sharing your "harvest" with me.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Your welcome, come anytime! If you like the hyssop now, you should see it in full bloom earlier in the summer .. those little purple petals fill the "stalk". Butterflies and finch love it as well as the bees.

  2. nice and sweet.



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