Friday, September 25, 2009

The Soccer Star

When I was in Indy, I had the privilege of attending one of my niece Veda's soccer games. And, sister, this girl can play soccer. She's scrappy. She gets out there. She moves the ball and plays to win. (not that winning is everything...I'm just sayin...) It was fun to watch. Here are some photos of the action. Please think of "Eye of the Tiger" while scrolling through this post. It'll make it more exciting for everyone. And, I feel, creates the right sort of soundtrack for this post. Sets the mood. Creates the correct ambiance. Feel it with me. Go.

You wear the shin guards on the outside because that's where they are more comfortable.
And where everyone can see how cute and pink they are.

Yeah, that's right. She IS that cool.
Make no mistake.

The league is a big jump up this year.
8-10 year olds. Co-ed.

The kids start playing actual positions.
And it's a little more competitive.

Veda's ready for it.
Bring it.


Her daddy carefully counted minutes in the game for the girls vs. the boys.

There seems to be a little "boy" favoritism starting at this level. Steve was gonna make sure that didn't happen. Not to his girl. Not on his watch. No sir.

This girl - she plays. She really does. Hard.

I love that she's "#1".

She worked it, sister. Up and down that field. Over and over.

Meanwhile, these two...

They played some "soccer" of their own for a while with a friend...

But accept no substitutes...
...the real story - the real show - the guts, the glory - it was all over here.
On this Saturday morning.

Way to go Veda! You go, girl!

Good game.

Best wishes to all of you for a fabulous first weekend of autumn. S and I are dining with some good friends tonight, as well as going to the STATE FAIR (which opens today) tomorrow. You know, to scope out where the photo is hanging. And take the photo of me by the photo. And sign autographs, of course.

And I'm taking some photos for a friend's event. And we'll celebrate S's dad birthday on Sunday. And we've got painting and trim work to keep on with. By golly we're gonna git er done if it kills us. And it just might. So, it's a full docket of activities for us this last weekend of September, that's for certain.

You know you'll hear all about it next week right here. Never fear. See you then.

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  1. That game ended in a tie. They won the next week. Thanks for taking pictures!


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