Monday, September 28, 2009

Here it is...the Blue Ribbon!

S and I headed to the Great State Fair of Texas on Saturday night to check out the sites and, of course, to find my photo and take a "picture of the picture." It's the first of I am sure MANY, MANY visits to the fair this year. What great fun that was. All of it, actually, because the state fair is so fun and also because we met up with our friends Tricia and Wayne.

But, finding the photo and seeing it displayed with lots of other AMAZING photos, and seeing it there with a big ol' blue ribbon on it. That was SO cool. So cool.

We headed straight there after getting a really great parking spot.

We walked past the crafts and the canned fruit to the photography section.
We began to peruse all the great photographs, taking them in and looking for mine.

I checked out the "flora" category and the "Texas landscapes" category.
Some really nice stuff there.

I did notice that most of the photos were matted in some way with a slightly smaller photo inside. I found this interesting. The rules state that the finished product, photo and matting, or photo, or whatever, must be 11 x 14, and on foam core of a certain width. The photo must be no smaller than 5 x 7. When I read that, I thought, well, I think I'd like to turn in the largest photo possible, so that meant an 11 x 14 with no mat. Some other people agreed with me, whatever their reasoning. There were a few unmatted prints. But, the majority matted the photo. It didn't seem to matter - not that all unmatted photos received blue ribbons or anything like that. Nope - didn't seem to matter at all. Just something I noticed.

We located the "Best of Show."
I am not sure that would have been my choice.
There were so many others I found more engaging.

Then we found it. My photo! In a great location.

On the end, in the middle.

There it was with its big blue ribbon!

And here I am, mugging next to it.

It was so cool to see it there, with the big ribbon attached. Great fun.

Now, this is what I would like YOU to do, should you accept the challenge. Yes, you. If you are going to the Great State Fair of Texas, and you are planning to find this photograph, please take a photo of yourself with it. That's right - snap yourself next to the photo. With your camera if you have it, with the camera phone - heck, sketch it out on the back of a corny dog napkin. I don't care. Just do it, and send it to me. Then, I'll prepare a blog post with all your photos! Won't that be fun? Come on, do it. All the cool kids are. And it'll be painless and fun. I promise. Pretty please take a picture for me while you're there. Please? Pretty please?

Thank you. I can't wait to see your photo. And thanks for going to have a look-see. I sure had a fun time finding it, and I hope you do it. See you tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for letting us know where it is. We will stop by and check it out at the Fair.
    And, where will it live after the Fair is over?

  2. HI Victor - the blue ribbon will probably come to work with me, since I spend so much time there. It can be an inspiration in my cube. The photo - it might go to work with S, since he has sort of a fowl-based theme to his business title. It would fit in there, we think. ;-)

  3. And there it is -- the duckies with their blue ribbon. Congratulations Amy! You deserve it.

    Despite hating pictures of myself, for you, just this once, I'll take the challenge.

  4. Not to be completely snarky or anything, but is the girl in the best in show photo the daughter of one of the judges? I'm just sayin'...looks to me like there is a lot that is more interesting up there than a girl petting a horse nose.


  5. "YAY!  That blue looks great next to that sea of yellow.  Can't wait to see it with my own eyes!"


  6. Congrats again, Amy. And that "best in show" is unoriginal and uninteresting. Yeesh.


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