Friday, September 11, 2009

And the Band was There...

When you join the SMU Mustang Band, there is a certain, shall we say, indoctrination process that includes learning a whole lot of random band history. A whole lot. That's a technical term for a bunch. And, when you're reading through said history to memorize it, there is one phrase that is used over and over..."And the band was there." The Band doesn't miss much. They are often "there." This blogger remembers reading that phrase several times while trying to remember the actual details. Ahem.

Last weekend's season opener of SMU Football was no different. The band was indeed there. And I would have to say they were a real highlight of the evening. Let me go on record as saying I don't always think this is the case. (Blasphemous! My Mustang Band friends are screaming! Light the torches!) Sometimes, in some years, the band was NOT a highlight of the event. But this game, this band, they sounded pretty darn good for a small college band.

Except for one tuba player - he wasn't raucous the whole time, which leads me to believe there have been discussions about the sound he makes when it sounds as if his tongue is coming out the bell and onto the field. And how that's not the most pleasing sound. And how that sound might not blend with what else is going on. But that didn't stop him from trying it once or twice. The tongue thing, that is. The crass, nasty sound. If I were his band director, I might have to arrange a trip to the island of Never to Be Found for his mouthpiece.

But other than that, they were enjoyable! The pre-game routine was new and different this year, and was well executed. The halftime was shorter than some weeks. I presume the brevity was to allow time for the visiting band. So, for your viewing pleasure today - here are a couple of short videos of the halftime show. Enjoy them here on a Friday while I'm enjoying time in Indiana.

A few seconds of the feature piece with soloists.

Moving into the traditional "Diamond M" formation.

All but a bit of the first note of the "Waring Ending."
This is the end of every Mustang Band halftime show.

Now you're up to speed on what the Mustang Band was up to last weekend. Aren't you glad you have me to keep you updated on all the most important stuff? I knew you'd say yes.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend. I'll be attending lots of great events in Indiana, including my dad's side of the family's reunion. Can't wait. See you next week.


  1. Wow, love the short movies. Could a "feature film" be next?

  2. And this is why I would never have been able to survive the band! I would never have been able to pick out one tuba player. In fact, I can't carry a tune...I probably would BE THAT TUBA PLAYER.


  3. Hi Amy,

    I am baby sitting Cora and we were looking at the pictures you took of us. Afterward we found these pictures and she noticed that one had noise. I didn't even notice. She insisted I play it so we listened to your former band.


    Dad and Cora


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