Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Bob!

On Sunday the 8th, my oldest brother Bob will celebrate another birthday.

So, today's post is all about him.

We just saw some of these yesterday...


...they work here too. Nice jacket, Robert.

Bob and Dad, a couple of years ago.

Bob is notoriously good at anything he tries. This can be frustrating for a younger sibling. He also drove notoriously nutty as a younger man, and not really much better now.

All of us siblings on Steve's 30th birthday.

Bob, Steve and Dad at Bob's house.

Amber and Bob.

When I was very small, he and Rick used to get me to say strange things they thought were funny - like, "green one" or "poperotion". They would laugh and laugh. Until recently - I mean, well into my adulthood, I still called him Bobby, which drove him crazy. And, he used to tease me by telling me I did things "like a girl" which I eventually figured out was OK, you know, since I am one.

Terri, Bob and Deacon - I know that face - that's the face of mischievousness - a well known look for Bob.
Terri's doing a great job of ignoring him.
A helpful tactic.

Deacon, Bob and Austin

Of course, we've covered before that Bob and Sherri have two children, my niece and nephew Amber and Austin. And, next weekend they'll celebrate another wedding anniversary. So, Happy Anniversary, in advance, you two.

Cora and Uncle Bob - he's a great Uncle.

When I was in grade school, Bob went away to join the Air Force - he was stationed in Germany for 2 years, and then Arizona, where he met my sister-in-law Sherri. I wrote him lots of letters, and he wrote us too. I can only imagine how "good" my grade school letters were! It was so great to get mail from him. I thought he was so cool. I told all my friends at school about my cool older brother who was in the Air Force.

Bob and Rick around a campfire in Steve's backyard.

When I was little, I thought Bobby Pins were named after him and wanted to know where all the "Ricky Pins" were, for my other older brother, Rick.

Cora and Uncle Bob again.

He's a grandpa now, to Rolen, and of course, since he's SO much older than me, I can always kid him about his age. And, well, you HAVE to think about stuff to kid him about, because he's always ready to kid.

Nathon, Ryon, Bob, Veda and Deacon - ALL inside the playhouse.

Uncle Bob the pinata - oh, I mean pinata holder.

This is Bob too - those are his legs and his hands, holding his brand new grandson last August.

Today, two days early, I wish him the Happiest of Birthdays, a wonderful year, and many many more years of sibling torment. Love ya, Bob. Have a great day!

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