Thursday, February 26, 2009


As you know, I'm an avid user of Flickr. Recently, Flickr has added a bunch of "add-ons" that are really cool and ultra-useful.

The first set of add-ons they offered a couple of years ago were really sort of "post production" options - put your photo on a mug, or a stamp, or whatever your heart desires! And, those are still there. But, the newest add-ons are more useful - they allow online editing and production of different types of products. Last weekend, I tried out the online site Picnik, which actually works flawlessly to allow you to edit photos online from your computer, from Flickr, and from several other online photo sites.

Now, just so you know - there are "free" functions as well as paid functions - the collage options if you purchase a subscription are WAY more robust. But, I just tried out the free collage option. I used my brother Steve's kids as the guinea pigs, since I have gads of photos of them. That said, I'd search more carefully for the best ones re: lighting and face size if I were going to actually print the collage.

I connected to my Flickr photostream and then basically dragged and dropped the photos I wanted into place on the collage template. Then, it gives you lots of "effect" options for the photos - again, some which are paid. I picked one that was free - called "60's effect" and this was my result:

It then lets you save it to your computer or back to your Flickr account or whatever account you choose. Pretty cool for a free service, and hey, once I play around with it for a while, I might even purchase the subscription - we'll see.

A quick update on S - he's finally on the mend. He's heading back to work today, at least for a while, and long hours of time yesterday with no fever. Let's hope this recovery continues, for all of us.

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