Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last summer - yes, people, I didn't take these photos of butterflies in February - my mom and I took an impromptu visit to a butterfly garden. We set out to have lunch and then ran over to the garden on a whim before heading back to her house one day.

So, I only had the purse camera with me. But, I got some interesting shots nonetheless of the little insects, and I figured I'd randomly share them with you today. Why today? I have no idea. Just happened that way.

This is the little caterpillar incubator.

Once the caterpillar is in the chrysalis, they hang here until the butterfly emerges.

There were all sorts of butterflies and moths throughout the garden.

And all sorts of greenery, too.

I really like this one - the leaves and the insect.
It looks like he's landed on a foreign planet or something.
I might try to play with this one and see what I can do with it.

It really was a pretty place, and a nice little impromptu visit.

I grow Lantana like that flower pictured there in my front flower bed each summer.

This guy was not on a beautiful leaf, but rather on the plain white windowsill.
But, he was so pretty, no?

And it seemed like he was posing for me.

So there you go - a February teaser to let you remember what summer is like. See you tomorrow.

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