Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old Photos

I was going through my desk drawers the other day and came across a few old photos. I posted them to my Facebook page, but also thought I'd share them here today.

Bob, Rick and Me

This photo was taken when I was 2.5 months, according to the back of the photo, and I don't know for sure, but I bet it was for use as a Christmas card or present. I also think I remember my mom saying that my Nana made those robes for Bob and Rick. Probably the fact that they were made by her elevated them to "photo wardrobe" status. That, and they sort of look like Santa suits if you use your imagination. Sort of how a Snuggie is a good idea, if you use your imagination.

The fam, before or after the family photo.

This photo was taken in my Nana and PawPaw's living room. And, it had to be taken just before or after we had a family photo taken, because we're all in the same clothes. Nice to know my legs haven't really improved over when I was 2. I'm not posting the actual family photo here, since it was in the post for my mom's 60th birthday back in October, which you can revisit here. I really dig Bob's jacket in these photos. So nice.

My friend Erin from HS always asks - why is it all photos from the 70's have this same yellowed hue? It's distinctively 70's. Must have been the photo processing during that period in time. Or the paper.

A very attractive photo of me in some styling pants with my older brother in some colorful shirts.

It's about this time in my life when 1) I had two imaginary friends - Draggle and Fe Fe and 2) my brothers started a life-long tradition of tormenting me.

First, the imaginary friends. Draggle sort of looks like - and I say "looks like" because I can still see them vividly in my mind - the Muppet "Animal". But he didn't play the drums. He did, however, get into trouble a lot and try to stir up trouble. He was my alter ego, I guess, because I was always the kid who did the right thing. Draggle and Fe Fe were always together.

Fe Fe (pronounced Fee-Fee, but spelled the way it's stated) was pink and tall. He was very feminine, but definitely a boy. I'm pretty sure in today's world, if he were real, he'd be gay. What that says about me, I don't know, but I'm telling you the truth when I say I had a pink tall male who liked to drink tea and giggle and do frilly, girly things as a small child. Fe Fe also had a good friend, the very masculine and always-in-trouble Draggle. And they were real to me for a period in my life.

My PawPaw and me. Here I'm about 4.

PawPaw always had yard work to do - he was retired and lived on a heavily treed acre lot, and enjoyed keeping up the yard himself. He walked the yard every day and collected the nuts, sticks and acorns from the grass. I did this with him when I was there. My Nana also gardened and I'd help her with that. Then, on occasion, he'd let me ride with him on the lawnmower. Great fun.

Here's another thing I notice about the photo - a mystery to me until recently was why some people - older people - would wear slacks to do yard work. Now that I've lived long enough, I have realized it IS possible to own a pair of pants long enough that they are only acceptable to wear for yard work. I get it. These were his OLD pants.

And, in that photo up there, I look SO MUCH like my mother.

What a cheeser.

This photo has to be from around first grade, I think. I've got the Dorothy Hamill haircut going on, with my mother's styling. And, I'm obviously posed next to the wing back with the blueish flora and fauna print. I am pretty sure one exists of my younger brother in the same pose. Darn it I don't have that one.

2nd grade school photo

There are so many questions to ask here. As school photos go, this was one of my favorites - I remember the photographer actually was funny and made me actually smile. Who knows what he was saying to my 7-year-old self that I found so amusing. What a shirt, though - and what a collar! And, what a setting - was anyone to believe I was really out of doors? The Dorothy Hamill lives on - it was a favorite of mine.

There is one photo that would go here, chronologically, that I posted on Facebook. It's from the church directory, around 3rd grade. But, it was also part of my mom's birthday post, so I'm not got to post it here.

Grandma Irene, Dad, Me

Fast forward about 12 years. It was a random collection of photos from a drawer, remember - this was taken at my Uncle Ray's house in Florida. My dad and I drove my Grandma Irene down there to see him one year when I was in college. It was a fun trip and I'm so glad we did it and that I got to go. I like this photo, though, because with all three generations sitting in a row, I look like my dad's family and not just like my mother. Not that looking like my mother is a bad thing, but it's just what people see - that I look like her. This is proof I am actually half her, half dad in oh-so many ways. Genetics are a funny thing! And, if you know my dad, this is also proof that as he ages he just looks more and more like his mother.

So, there's today's walk down memory lane. Thanks for walking with me.


  1. The red dress picture by the blue chair was your first day of kindergarten, I am pretty sure. I made the dress for the occasion, is how I remember. Personally, I love the old pictures.

  2. I am struck by the drapes in my Nana's living room - wow - silver damask - those would be very cool now!


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