Friday, February 13, 2009

Jefferson, TX

After our trip to Greer Farm, we headed over to Jefferson, TX to check out the quaint downtown area full of antique shops. This little East Texas town is very close to the Louisiana border, and this was evident. It seemed like Texas, but it also seemed a lot like Louisiana. A border town, indeed.

This is the courthouse.

And the Barber Shop

It was closed.
No opportunity for a trim.

Here's a shot of the main drag.
You can see, it was a little overcast.
And these photos were with the purse camera.

You can see the Louisiana influence in that old building.

The town had a lot of character - bricked streets were characteristic.

I really liked this old sign.

The bikers apparently congregate here on the weekends.

This was in one of the stores - what every home needs - a tapestry of our new President.

Over there's another cool old building.

And this park was nice, with it's pretty gazebo.

On down the bricked street was this cool looking statue.
I had to walk down to see it.

I should say that if you are looking for serious antiques - furniture, collectibles, art - you should definitely take the drive to Jefferson. They had LOTS of stores full of genuine and very nice antiques. It was really quite impressive to see so many nice antiques all in one place.

On the way to that statue up there, we also passed the local Roman Catholic church.

It matched the quaintness of the town.

So plain and pretty.

Look at that cross!

So, we enjoyed our little side trip to Jefferson. Another lovely Saturday activity. Check it out sometime!

Oh, also - Happy Friday the 13th.

And, tomorrow, as my good friend Chris calls it, Happy "Singles Awareness Day". Happy Valentine's Day - hug the ones you love and make sure they know how much they mean to you. Get warm and fuzzy. It's only one day.

And I'll see you next week.

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