Thursday, February 19, 2009

Visions of LA

I visited my friends Mark, the Cheese Fry, and Faleena, a few years ago in LA while I was there for a conference. I forgot to take my camera. So, I purchased one of those disposable cameras with a flash. And, amazingly, a couple of the photos came out OK.

Only a couple.

I thought this was a nice one of the whole valley.

What's that down there - it's the Hollywood Bowl!

I previously mentioned my trip to the Hollywood Bowl here. That was part of this trip - I went to the Hollywood Bowl by myself the night before I caught up with Mark and Faleena. It was a magical night - so cool. I highly recommend it. Go there. See whatever they've got going. I'm jonesin' to go back. It was so great.

A random beach shot.

I'm not sure which beach this was, because they took me to a couple of different ones. But, doesn't it sort of look like a 50's vacation postcard? The water is so blue! The people are little ants having fun! I thought it was exceptional for the disposable camera.

And, the Santa Monica sign.

Not that it's that revolutionary of a shot, but I liked it. I like how all the birds appear to have lined up atop the sign for the photograph. Very nice of them. And, it was a pretty day. And, it's an old sign and I like old things.

It strikes me that none of these photos required a flash to come out well. Perhaps the flash was not all that it was sold to be. Or, maybe I didn't try to shoot at night. I don't remember. But, it does go to show that you don't need much - or much know how - to get a couple 'a decent photos for the vacation scrapbook. If you're into that sorta thing.

So, there you go. A few randomly decent photos from my trip to LA with the disposable camera. The rest is just fun memories!

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