Monday, February 9, 2009

SMU Basketball

Last week, S, my mom visiting from Indiana, and I went to an SMU Men's Basketball game. It was against Memphis, ranked #14 this week in the NCAA polls, and, well, SMU is not ranked. It's a "building" year. Ahem. We have lots of building years at SMU. Unless, of course, you're talking about a sport no one unfortunately goes to watch - like soccer, swimming, golf or tennis. Now, in THOSE sports, SMU kicks ass. But, the game was basketball for this night.

The game was televised on CBS Sports.

Some proof that at some time...

...the basketball team won games.

The band was there - in red.
Fans were asked to wear red for a "red out".

Traditional Mustang Band drum head - and really interested band director.

Proof my mom was there...
(she didn't bring any red.)

...and I was there... was S.

The referees were suspect.
First, they weren't wearing red. ;)

And they gave SMU a technical foul when fans threw shirts onto the floor.

There were local celebrities in attendance - look, there's our friend Jon, and his brother-in-law Scot.

And, another local celebrity, our friend Jennifer was also there.

Of course, Peruna was there!

There he is again.

The cheer squad was there, looking not as cheerful as that photographer.

The team looked good.

And they supported one another with spirit.

Wait - what's this...oh, another one of Peruna...

The coaching staff appeared to know what they were doing.

Even if the head coach looks like a big dork.

There were some good plays...

...and fast action.

Foul shots...

...and defense.

But in the end, the Memphis team was too advanced for these Ponies. The Mustangs were defeated. Hey, we're pretty good at taking defeat, so no big deal.

Win or lose, it was fun to sit at a basketball game again - I mean, growing up in Indiana, it was the "thing" and I miss watching good live basketball every weekend. So, it was fun to get to go.

Tomorrow - the halftime entertainment.

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  1. Great Pictures! You continue to amaze with your mad skillz.


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