Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Granny Globetrotters

So, halftime was a hoot. The entertainment was an exhibition game by the Granny Globetrotters. These ladies can move - they ranged in age from late 50's to early 90's. And, they were surely having fun.

They lined up on the sidelines to be announced.

This lady really enjoyed her moment.

This lady right here - she's 93.

After announcements, they warmed up all together in the middle of the court.

Then they showed off some of their tricks.

Here's the youngin' again - watch the action:

OK, so then they were on to the game. They played at each end of the court, man-on-man defense. Or, um - granny on granny.

They could really play!

Look at that defense!

I also loved that, along with the very authentic uniforms, most of them also wore their jewelry and make-up.
This IS Texas - don't forget.

They were great fun to watch - and quite an inspiration - if you're not moving and grooving, no matter what your age, you better get to it! Way to go, ladies. Best wishes for continued success.

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