Friday, February 20, 2009

The Post That Wasn't

Last night, we were supposed to be at the Dallas Stars game, the game they won, at the American Airlines Center. I got some very nice tickets to the game from someone who gave the tickets to the staff where I work. We would have seen the Edmonton Oilers taking on the home team and lose 4-2, but we didn't go.

We didn't go because S is sick. S has been sick for quite some time. He's been having gastrointestinal issues for about two weeks. But, more than that, he's had a fever for five days. A fever. Yes. A fever. For five days.

But, S has a very thick head. You could drop him from a tall building and his head would be in tact sort of thick. He's stubborn in ways I cannot completely explain. And S doesn't like to go to the doctor. In fact, he hasn't taken the time to get a primary care physician. So, when he gets sick, he has no doctor to even really go see, because you see, you can't just call a doctor up to see him or her when you're sick. No, you need to establish a relationship with a doctor before that - you know, have an annual physical. Keep in touch. Be listed on said doctor's roles. You know, to actually get an appointment when you're sick.

So, S has to go to the immediate care center. He didn't go there after a week of gastrointestinal distress. He didn't go after a day of fever. Or two days or three. He went to work those days. Then, he'd come home at night and get in the bed until morning. Repeat. But, finally, yesterday, he found his way to the doctor at the immediate care center. They took his blood. Twice. They put him on serious anti-bacterial drugs. Two of them, and something to help the gastrointestinal distress. Three pills. And they sent his blood off to see if the bacteria found inside him - which was at such high levels, they felt it required more testing - indicates signs of an ulcer.

Yes, he's sick. He's really sick. And he has a thick head. A very thick head. So we didn't go to the Stars game.

I feel very guilty about the game, however. I called S at 3 to ask him how he was feeling and to see about his meds. And to sign off on the game, so I could give the tickets to someone else. He said, at that point, I am sure while covered in four layers of blankets and in a feverish stupor, he said, "maybe we can still go." Yeah. Right. Thick head. So, I didn't call anyone about the tickets.

When I got home, thinking we were going to press on to the game, he had come to his senses. There was no way he was going to the game. One hour and a half before the game began, I called some friends to see if they might want to go with me to the game, or could use the tickets themselves. Not a whole lot of time to allow for giving the tickets away. On a Thursday night. To what I am sure was a great game.

We weren't there. We missed the game. No one was able to use the tickets. They went to waste. Complete waste. What a shame.

And, you my friends, have one measly photo to see today - of the tickets. Not of the great shots, the fights, the skates, the nachos I would have eaten, the Edmonton fans, the advertisements or even the coaches. I guess I could have taken a sad photo of S - but, well, I value my camera equipment.

And S - he's still sick. But hopefully on the mend. We'll hear about whether he shows bacterial signs of an ulcer today. And we'll get him well. Now that he saw the doctor. I'm very glad he's on the mend.

No signs of the head thickness going away though - that seems to be untreatable and inoperable. It's good to know what won't change. It's reassuring, right?

Happy Friday. Happy Weekend!


  1. Hilarious post though I'm sad S is sick. You know, we have a freshman brother that's a doctor... Also, does S know that his recent behavior is a perfect example why women usually live longer than men???

  2. Awww...those pitiful pictures. They are some nice crisp tickets though. Sorry your man is sick. I hope he feels better soon.

  3. I'm stubborn too. That's why I go to Dr. Mike. Yes, he's in Arlington. But I think it's invaluable to have a doctor who knows you. S should go see him too.


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