Monday, February 23, 2009

A First Birthday Celebration

S is still sick. So, we did a whole lot of nothing this weekend except try to get him well. I did go out Saturday morning with my friend Tricia (while S's mom kept him company) to help her purchase her drapery material, and I went to work on Saturday night.

And, I represented our household at Alexandra's 1st Birthday celebration. She'll actually turn 1 on 2/26/09, but the big par-tay was this past weekend. I am sure the festivities will be covered as well on her blog, but I took photos people, and it was the only photo-worthy activity all weekend. So, we're covering here at Ate Up Amateur as well. Here we go.

Alexandra was sober faced for the occasion,
somewhat overwhelmed with having all the relatives in one place.
Aunt Laura has a hold of here there.

A couple of her younger friends also attended...

...and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Kim made her little outfit - sewing on that patch and adding the ruffles to her pants.

Once everyone arrived, there was pizza to eat.

Then, there were presents to open.

Kim did most of the opening...

...not that Alexandra didn't seem to like the presents...she did.

Her little friends watched on and were so well behaved.

The "paparazzi" were also there - Uncle Michael photographed...

...and Dad Mark videoed the event.
And there were others - the shutters were flying!

She really liked all the buttons on this one and that they made noise when she pushed them.

She seemed to really like this Mickey Mouse DVD...

...she studied it very carefully...

...and carried it around for a good while.

There she is checking out what we got her.
It is some sort of little car with a little person and a horse cart with a horse.
It makes noise-this was the only requirement for S when purchasing.

She pulled in the loot...

But wait, there's more...

Her gift from her mom and dad was this little car.

As you can see here, it can be remote controlled until she's old enough to drive it herself.

That's the license plate and exhaust pipes.

She wasn't real sure of it at first.

But, once her little friend tried it out, it seemed more cool.

S's dad also brought this measuring stick that you add money to to track the child's height.

Then, there was dessert.

Alexandra seemed to get the point of the sugar.

A fun time was had by all.
Happy Birthday, little one.

I showed S the photos while he was awake so he could feel as if we were there. Poor guy - I really hope he starts feeling better soon. I'll keep you posted.

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